Cement Production

No other valve stands up to Portland cement like an Everlasting Valve.

Unlike all other valves on the market, Everlasting Valve's self-lapping Rotating Disc Valve is engineered to provide a longer service life and tighter shut-off with the most abrasive media. Spring-loaded discs maintain intimate contact with the sealing surfaces, protecting them from erosive media. The double disc and seat design allows inlet from either direction, so our valve can also be installed backward. Designed to resist erosion in pneumatic conveying or vessel discharge systems, an Everlasting Valve cuts maintenance costs by standing up to the toughest applications, working day and night without a break or jam. If you're repairing or replacing an installed valve more than once a year, it's time to switch to Everlasting Valve for a high-performance solution that will look great on your bottom line.

Learn more about the unique features of Everlasting Valve's self-lapping Rotating Disc Valve.

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Common Applications

  • Silo Diverters
  • FK Pump Isolation
  • FK Pump Crossover
  • Kiln Fuel Feed
  • Cement Kiln Dust Conveying
  • Hood Seal
  • Clinker Cooler
  • Cement Cooler
  • Raw Mill Feed
  • Finish Mill Feed
  • Truck Loadout
  • Railroad Car Unloading
  • Barge Unloading