Petroleum Refining

For the longest service life and the most dependable performance, nothing comes close to Everlasting Valve.

Everlasting Valves reduce your maintenance costs and downtime by standing up to the toughest applications. Refineries around the world depend on the unique features of the Everlasting self-lapping, rotating disc valve for severe service applications where performance and longevity are required. From fresh catalyst addition to slurry pump isolation, to 3rd stage separators, the Everlasting Valve stands up to the abrasive nature of the refining process. If you're faced with frequent repair or replacement of an installed valve, it's time to switch to Everlasting Valve for a solution that will look great on your bottom line.

Learn more about the unique features of Everlasting Valve's self-lapping Rotating Disc Valve.

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Common Applications

Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) Unit

  • Hot Catalyst Slurry Pump Isolation
  • Fresh Catalyst Feed
  • Equalizing Cat Addition
  • Hot Catalyst Withdrawal
  • Hot Catalyst Sampling
  • Baghouse Discharge
  • Cyclone Discharge
  • Precipitator Discharge
  • Truck Loadout


  • Lock Hopper Inlet/Outlet
  • Lock Hopper Vent
  • Reactor Isolation
  • Motor Operated Valves (Fixed Bed)