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sanitary valves

At Everlasting Valve Company, we are all about getting you the right valves for your business operations. Many times, our durable, reliable, hardworking valves are in the grittiest, dirtiest, and most highly pressurized areas. |They have to withstand all the process media that flows through them. There is a different type of valve – one used strictly in the food, medical, and beverage industries – the sanitary valve.

This valve is called sanitary, because it has to be clean. In addition, all manufacturing standards for sanitary valves are very high. Often found in bio-fermentation companies, sanitary valves must be made to not just last, but to operate smoothly. Here’s why this is the only valve you’ll ever need.

Differences Between Sanitary Valves And Ordinary Valves

As if any valve is ordinary. None of them are. They are all best with some type of process or operation. Industrial valves are always based upon their working conditions. Most often, you will find industrial valves in places where applications call for high-pressure and high-temperature working environments.

Valves are found everywhere – you have many right in your home – but industrial valves are found in heavy duty industries. These are places such as the petrochemical industry, metallurgy, urban construction, machinery and chemicals. They are all places requiring valves with long duration and high reliability.

Sanitary valves are not to be found in these types of industries, though. They are manufactured to look beautiful on the outside and on the inside. They are fashioned of stainless steel in order for media to pass safely through them.

Sanitary valves always need to be disinfected and must meet stringent health criteria and requirements. In a non-sanitary environment, sanitary valves cannot be manufactured. They need a completely sterile area for their fabrication.

Benefits Of Sanitary Valves

At Everlasting Valve Company, we manufacture process valves, diverter valves, bulk material valves, boiler blowdown valves, and specialty valves for a wide variety of industries. Our valves take the place of ball, butterfly, gate, globe and needle valves. Butterfly valves are valves with quick openings, which consists of a metal circular disc. Ball valves are usually best for controlling flow – perfect for the beer-brewing process or other pressurized applications.

In any type of industry where a sanitary valve is mandatory, there are clear advantages. We manufacture valves that take the place of a sanitary ball valve or sanitary butterfly valve and perform even more effectively. Sanitary valves are used for the following reasons.

Sanitary valves are easy to clean

In any health and hygiene industry, the importance of how products are manufactured cannot be underestimated. There are many facets to all that is involved in manufacturing in the food or medical industries, everything from regulating flow to maintaining consistent temperatures. Knowing that sanitary valves are a cinch to clean makes life easier.

Sanitary valves have smooth and polished surfaces

This means they will not corrode or rust over time. This is crucial for the industries in which they tend to be used. When bad corrosion occurs, it is often costly. And it can be time-consuming to replace and repair machinery. Many businesses in the food, dairy, or pharmaceutical industries save money by using stainless steel sanitary valves.

They leave no room for germs or particulates

Germs and particulates can embed themselves inside the valves, where bacteria can often grow. Sanitary valves have no crevices – thus, there is no way for germs to find a home.

Sanitary valves all undergo rigorous testing

This is to ensure their strength and reliability. The greatest advantage you will find with a sanitary valve is that they continue to achieve a perfect shutoff even after decades of use.

Everlasting Valves

Our valves can be made to your specifications. We have developed a very talented team of field representatives and engineers who take your idea and turn it into the valve you need.

Once you contact us, a representative from our company will visit your site and assess your needs. When we understand exactly what you are looking for, we work with you to see it through. Custom valves are built from the ground up and they are built on your exacting specifications.

We have been manufacturing valves for decades and our severe-service valves are not just reliable and durable, they are long-lasting, strong, and maintenance-free. All valves we make are based on our self-lapping, rotating disc technology. In other words, they wear in, not out, as the years go by.

Industrial valves are typically used in environments where there is a need for high-pressure and high-temperature operations. They are known for being extremely durable and have flexible operation modes. Sanitary valves may be costlier than industrial valves, but they come with many advantages. Toxic components found in industrial valves are not found in sanitary valves, avoiding toxicity, illness, and even death.

Our team is happy to explore all options that our valves can bring your way. You’re just a few steps away from finding out how we can help you with all your valve needs. Please get in touch with our helpful team for more information.

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