A Better Valve

Everlasting Valve introduced the original self-lapping, rotating-disc valve to the world in 1906, and it’s been the gold standard for severe-service valves ever since. Each time the disc rotates, it produces an action that renews and polishes the metal seating surfaces. As a result, each Everlasting Valve wears in with use in tough industrial applications—with each operation making the valve more efficient and producing a tighter seal—while all other valves wear out and ultimately fail.

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What makes our Rotating Disc Valve Better?

Essentially, the harder our valves work, the more efficient they become, making them ideal for your harshest high-cycling applications. The valve’s unique open-body design is self-cleaning, with the lever arm and disc churning out particulate that quickly clogs up other valves. And because the disc rotates evenly, shearing away any process material that may accumulate, and spreading wear evenly, there are no erosion issues as there are in other valves. Over time, we’ve continued to refine, upgrade, and optimize the mechanisms and components that comprised our original severe-service-valve design. Our valves can typically replace gate valves, ball valves, and globe valves in a variety of harsh industrial plant applications.

Using Everlasting Valve’s proprietary rotating-disc-valve technology as the platform for our custom-designed solutions, we construct your valves from the ground up, starting with a visit to your site. There, our representatives carefully evaluate your unique operational environment and take the time to talk with you about your current challenges, needs, and requirements. We use this information to build in custom-designed features and components to our standard diverter valves, process valves, and bulk-material valves.

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Everlasting Valves are an investment

Upfront, they appear to cost more than our competitors’ ball valves, gate valves, and globe valves, which is why, very often, our customers come to us after other valves failed. The severe service valves we’ve been perfecting for more than a century work better, last longer, and are tougher and stronger than any other valve on the market today. They’re made for the harshest industrial applications on the planet—those that are simply too severe for other valves to survive. In fact, we have valves deployed in plants that have been in operation for 50 years!

All this means that the larger upfront cost you’ll invest in our products will be recouped quickly. When you no longer have to regularly stop working to change out valves, you’ll notice an immediate impact to your plant operations, followed by significant bottom-line savings due to reduced downtime, fewer maintenance costs, and more efficient production. If you’re tired of replacing worn-out, leaky valves, contact us and learn more about investing in our incredibly durable, highly customizable severe service valves instead.