The Original Self-Lapping
Rotating Disc Valve

Tougher, stronger, more durable, and more reliable than any ball valve or gate valve out there, Everlasting valves handle whatever you throw at them with exceptional ease, from dry abrasive solids to hot-catalyst handling to fluid-catalytic cracking. Our rough-and-tough valves feature a unique open-body design and a self-lapping, rotating disc that clears out and shears away process material, achieving a tighter seal and even lower leak rates with every pass. Like a fine wine, Everlasting valves just keep getting better with age: wearing in while others wear out!

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Learn how Everlasting's self-lapping, rotating disc valve works.


"Everlasting valves are the best valves I ever bought!"
- Chris Kazmierczak, Plant Engineer, Suncor Refinery, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
“I personally have a long history with your company going back to my tenure at other firms, so I have a great deal of hands-on experience with specifying, design, procurement and even commissioning systems where your valves have been a reliable, key system component.”
- Len Schwartz, The Babcock & Wilcox Company
“Everlasting is a very good company to work with!"
- Hiraku Jimbo, Kao Specialties Americas LLC
“The valves are expensive, but the product value in our severe applications far outweighs the capital cost. Overall, the Zeolyst plant is very satisfied with the technology and quality offered by Everlasting Valve Company.”
- Robert Barnes, Operations manager, Zeolyst International- Kansas City Plant.
“Everlasting Valve Company came to our aid and showed true professionalism, a tremendous amount of technical expertise, and a can-do attitude in helping us resolve this issue for our very important client. B & W Mechanical Contractors, Inc can not thank you guys enough and we look forward to working with Everlasting Valve Company in the future.”
“Mechanical Products, Inc. greatly appreciates the support provided by the fine folks at Everlasting Valve Company. Thank you for your support in resolving the blowdown valve opening issue at the Westin Hotel. Even though this issue was not the responsibility of Everlasting Valve, they never backed away from assisting all parties involved creating workable solution. Thank you for a being a company that cares!”
- Rob Freeman, President, MPI Inc.
“We appreciate the support from Everlasting and the quality products you manufacture.”
- Marlon Marshall, President, Matt Marshall Co.
“Your company belongs to the group of best qualified suppliers.We thank you for your effort and look forward to a furthermore good cooperation.”
- Alain Muller, Quality Manager, FRANZ GYSI AG
“I’m really satisfied with the service given by your Everlasting team. I receive full supports from your team.”
- Eddy Nirwana, Senior Instrument Maintenance Supvervisor - Gas Loop2, ORYX GTL

We're Different

It’s not just because we offer the most powerful, longest-lasting valves on the market—our unique value proposition is evident from the first call you make to Everlasting Valve Company. We become your partners in problem-solving that day—and from then on, we’re here whenever you need us.

First, we carefully assess your unique plant problems and begin brainstorming ways to transform our valves into the exact solutions you need to boost efficiencies, reduce downtime, and drive down maintenance costs that have been negatively impacted by leaky, worn-out valves. Then we build you the perfect valve and deliver it quickly, ultimately rendering your plant more efficient and boosting your bottom line.