When it comes to cement production, an Everlasting valve is superior to products made by other diverter-valve manufacturers, thanks to a revolutionary design that makes it ideal for use anywhere on the production line. Built by leveraging our self-lapping, rotating-disc valve technology, our patented diverting/converging valves and bulk material valves swoop in and save the day, easily replacing those leaky, poorly performing gate valves that so often create headaches and impede productivity.

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Cement Production Applications

  • Silo Diverters
  • FK Pump Isolation
  • FK Pump Crossover
  • Kiln Fuel Feed
  • Cement Kiln Dust Conveying
  • Hood Seal
  • Clinker Cooler
  • Cement Cooler
  • Raw Mill Feed
  • Finish Mill Feed
  • Truck Loadout
  • Railroad Car Unloading
  • Barge Unloading

Common Applications

Unlike products from other diverter-valve manufacturers, our diverting/converging valves can handle dry solids and other abrasive media in the raw-material stage all the way to a product’s completion, when our cement valves can easily handle the task of diverting the finished product into silos. Not only do our cement valves offer you end-to-end production efficiencies, Everlasting valves also boast a unique self-cleaning, open-body design, tighter shut-off, and longer service life as well, making them ideal for hard-to-access areas on the production line. Best of all, our diverting/converging valves allow for line switches and changeovers on the fly.

Most importantly, other diverter-valve manufacturers can’t beat the flexibility our valves offer, as they’re available off the shelf in myriad configurations. And if we don’t offer it, don’t worry—we’ll work with you to customize your valves to your exacting specifications, so they precisely meet your needs and requirements. Able to handle Portland cement and other erosive particulates while resisting erosion in pneumatic-conveying or vessel-discharge systems, our diverting/converging and bulk material valves are the ideal fit for cement-production applications.