Boiler Blowdown Valves

Initially produced in 1906, our flagship product, the boiler blowdown valve, was designed to efficiently remove sludge and other impurities that accumulate during steam boiler operation. This valve is meticulously engineered for the most demanding industrial settings. Unlike conventional globe valves, which tend to deteriorate rapidly in industrial steam applications, our valve’s unique design prevents the ingress of dirt and scale into the valve seat, ensuring reliable sealing and preventing premature failure.

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Common Applications

Our valve incorporates proprietary technology that not only withstands exposure to thick slurry but also exhibits exceptional longevity compared to other valves. During operation, the rotating disc effectively sweeps across the valve body, eliminating harmful boiler scale and other particles while cleaning the precision-lapped surface. This self-adjusting post-packing feature reduces maintenance needs and prevents leakage.

We offer a range of boiler blowdown valves, including quick-opening, slow-opening, straight, and angle configurations, tailored for various applications such as steam-boiler blowdown, surface blowdown, water-column drain, shut-off, and stop valves. Do you have specific requirements or a unique application? In addition to providing top-quality off-the-shelf boiler blowdown valves, we specialize in crafting highly customized valves to address your most challenging needs.

While all our valves now leverage our exclusive self-lapping, rotating-disc-valve technology, this concept was initially conceived for boiler blowdown applications, owing to its exceptional ability to handle sludge, high temperatures, and boiler-generated pressure. Thanks to Everlasting Valve’s boiler blowdown valves, you no longer need to replace valves each time your boiler undergoes maintenance. Our valves significantly extend lifespan, thereby reducing maintenance costs and production downtime.

If you find yourself repairing or replacing boiler blowdown valves more than once a year, it’s high time to consider investing in tailored Everlasting Valve solutions.