Mining and Metals

Everlasting valves excel as the finest severe-service valves available, thanks to exceptional strength, maintenance-free operation, unmatched durability, and extended lifespan. However, the most remarkable aspect that truly sets our valves apart is the unmatched level of customization they offer. Through the utilization of self-lapping, rotating-disc technology, each valve is uniquely designed to meet highly precise and individualized operational needs. Embracing diverse components and trim types, we forge one-of-a-kind custom valves tailored exclusively to fulfill your exact requirements with utmost precision.

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  • Gold pressure oxidation autoclave isolation
  • Nickel pressure oxidation autoclave isolation
  • Flash convertor ESP
  • Boiler dust crossover
  • Copper matte conveying
  • Smelter FGD, sodium hydroxide slurry
  • Nickel sulfide fines conveying
  • Iron sulfide fines conveying
  • Molten sulfur
  • Carbon stripping circuit
  • Roaster wind box
  • Fine crushed puker
  • Calcined sulfide dust conveying
  • Blast furnace (BOF) dust catcher
  • Carbon injection system
  • Calcium carbide injection system
  • Calcined, activated carbon conveying

Mining and Metals

Everlasting Valve Company boasts an immensely talented team of engineers and field representatives who meticulously craft our bespoke valves. Our process begins with a visit from our field representatives to your site, where they assess the unique challenges and requirements of your plant. Armed with this understanding, we collaborate with you to create the perfect valves.

Given the extensive range of custom valves we offer, our products are actively at work in various industries, including tough applications handling rutile ore, silica, alumina, TiO2, Raney Nickel, furnace dusts, and other dry powders or slurries. Moreover, once deployed in your plant environments, we offer the flexibility to return and further modify your custom valves if needed, enhancing their ability to withstand harsh, erosive, and abrasive process conditions.

Our custom valves are meticulously built to order, adhering to your exacting specifications with such precision that their performance will leave you wondering how you ever managed with other, weaker valves. Opting for Everlasting valves guarantees the simplest and most satisfying purchasing decision you’ll ever make.