Power Generation

Everlasting valves can easily replace knife-gate valves, slide-gate valves, and metal-seated ball valves in power-generation applications such as transporting fly ash within a plant, handling bottom ash, and handling materials for flue-gas treatment. Typical slide-gate valves and knife-gate valves demand a great deal of hands-on time and attention, especially when high humidity levels cause filter bags to clog up. It could take five maintenance people eight hours to replace a single clogged bag!

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Coal-Fired power Applications

Fly Ash

  • Precipitator Row Isolation
  • Baghouse
  • Econmizer
  • NuvaFeeder (UCC)
  • Lock Hopper Vent / Equalization
  • Ash Recirculation
  • Diverter Lines
  • Pug Mill / Ash Conditioner

Bottom Ash

  • Slope / Flush Nozzle
  • Jet Pump Isolation
  • Ash Recirculation
  • Seal Trough Level Control
  • Seal Trough Flush

Common Applications

Those other valves are also more prone to leaks, which reduces system-vacuum and fly-ash disposal. As a result, plant efficiency suffers, maintenance costs are high, and your bottom line reflects the slide-gate valves’ and knife-gate valves’ poor performance. Those power plant valves may be cheap, but they definitely aren’t saving you any money!

By contrast, Everlasting Valve’s bulk material valves are designed to work for years—even decades!—often requiring no maintenance whatsoever. Designed to resist erosion and handle high-temperature, high-cycling abrasive fines, our valves cut costs and reduce downtime by standing up to the toughest conditions, working day and night without breaking or becoming jammed. In fact, the more you demand of our power plant valves, the better they perform, thanks to an innovative rotating-disc design that polishes away scratches and wipes away any particulate that’s accumulated, forming an increasingly tighter seal with every pass.

Got a unique application or plant setup? No problem! We specialize in providing custom-valve solutions, and we love the challenge of building a valve from the ground up that meets your precise needs. So, it’s time to toss out those slide-gate valves and knife-gate valves. Invest in Everlasting valves. It will make your colleagues’ jobs much easier, so don’t be surprised if you become the most popular guy on the plant floor!