Petroleum Refining

What’s one of the dirtiest, hottest, toughest, and roughest industrial-plant operations on the planet? If you work in the industry, you know that petroleum-refining business demands that its equipment handle high-temperature, high-pressure, abrasive conditions day and night, year after year. Unfortunately, few refinery valves are up to the tasks they’re charged with. Metal-seated ball valves, gate valves, and butterfly valves experience leaks, jam up, or break, often only lasting a few months—sometimes only a few weeks!

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Oil Refining Applications

Fluid Cat Cracker (FCC)

  • Hot CAT Slurry Pump Isolation
  • Fresh CAT Feed
  • Equalizing CAT Add
  • Hot CAT Withdrawl
  • Hot CAT Sampling
  • Baghouse Discharge
  • Cyclone Discharge
  • Third Stage Separator Discharge
  • Precipitator Discharge
  • Truck Loadout

Reformer / Platformer

  • Lock Hopper Inlet / Outlet
  • Lock Hopper Vent
  • Reactor Isolation
  • Motor Operated Valves (Fixed Bed)
  • Lift Engagers / Surge Hoppers

Common Applications

It’s no wonder that major oil refineries have turned to Everlasting Valve Company again and again to solve their toughest plant problems. Our valves replace weaker metal-seated ball valves and other refinery valves that are doomed to have short lives and die rather undignified deaths when put to the test handling fluid-catalytic-cracker (FCC) units or continuous-catalytic reformers (CCRs). Tired of constantly replacing feeble, leaky refinery valves, petroleum refiners invited our rough-and-tough valves to pick up the slack and reinvigorate production efficiencies. Not only did our valves boost production, but they also dramatically reduced maintenance requirements and quickly had a positive impact on the refineries’ bottom lines. In fact, Everlasting valves have performed so well that United Oil Processing has mandated that only our valves be utilized in its refinery-production processes.

Everlasting valves aren’t cheap, and upfront, they cost the oil refineries more than some of those other valves do. It didn’t take long, though, for the heads of maintenance and reliability to realize what so many others have: Everlasting valves are an extremely cost-effective investment that quickly pays dividends. And because they’re so deeply customizable, we can build valve solutions that precisely meet your needs.

Refineries around the world have been depending on the unique features of the Everlasting self-lapping, rotating disc valve for years. From fresh-catalyst addition and slurry-pump isolation to off-gas cleanup and hot-catalyst withdrawal, Everlasting valves deliver the performance and longevity plants demand of them. Stop messing around with weak metal-seated ball valves and gate valves that constantly need replacing or require multiple redundancies to prevent unplanned outages. Switch to a refinery valve that can take your worst, prevent unexpected shutdowns, and come back for more, year after year!