Process Valves

Everlasting Valve Company’s process valves have decades of field-proven service in extreme environments, significantly outperforming ball valves by handling slurry, chemicals, heat, scale, and dry solids with exceptional ease. Give our process valves your worst: the toughest, dirtiest, hottest, most brutal applications are business as usual for our hard-wearing components. They’re used all over the world for reactor loading, lockhoppers, pneumatic conveying systems, vessel discharge, and slurry applications in all types of extraordinarily harsh environments, reducing costs and downtime with the assurance of a tight shut-off.

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process valve

Process Valves

Built on our original self-lapping, rotating-disc-valve platform, our process valves feature a unique open-body design that’s self-cleaning, with seats that wear in, not out, so it achieves a tighter seal and better performance the harder it works. The rotating disc slides across the body of the valve during operation, clearing out process material and cleaning the precision-lapped surface. Post packing is live loaded for self-adjustment, reducing fugitive emissions, maintenance requirements and preventing erosion.

While many customers simply pull Everlasting Valve’s process valves off the shelf and press them into service, many others leverage our ability to extensively customize our process valves to meet your precise needs and requirements. So, if you don’t see your application mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your operational requirements. Here at Everlasting Valve Company, we never stop working for our customers, and we jump at the chance to develop innovative new features and trim to support the use of our process valves in new applications.

If you’re repairing or replacing an installed ball valve more than once a year, it’s time to bring in the toughest, longest-lasting valve there is: an Everlasting valve. Don’t settle for less.

Process Valve


½” (12mm) to 18” (450mm)


ANSI Class 50 through 2500, Full vacuum to 10,000 psi


-50°F (-46°C) to 1500°F (+815°C)

Trim (Seats and Discs)

Stellite #6, 440 Stainless Steel, Tungsten Carbide


Carbon or Stainless Steel, Hasteloys, Inconels, Duplex SS, Ferallium 225, Your Choice

End Connections

Flanged, Buttweld, Lugged (Flangeless), RTJ


Air Cylinder, Lever, Hand-Wheel, Spring Return, Hydraulic, Electric


Solenoids, Limit Switches, Positioners