Synthetic Fuels

In the evolving landscape of energy production, the demand for sustainable and alternative fuel sources is ever-increasing. Synthetic fuels, often derived from renewable resources and innovative processes, play a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and achieving energy security. At Everlasting Valve, we understand the unique challenges that synthetic fuel production presents, and our valves are engineered to excel in these demanding applications.

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Synthetic Fuel Applications

  • Reactor load & discharge
  • BioMass lockhopper load & discharge
  • Hot gas clean up, cyclone discharge
  • Hot gas clean up, candle filter discharge
  • Coal lockhopper load & discharge
  • Gasifier inlet & outlet
  • Calciner inlet & outlet
  • Bed ash/sand drain
  • Char discharge
  • Pyrolysis reactor inlet & outlet
  • Fischer-Tropsch catalyst slurry

Common Applications

Synthetic fuel production involves intricate processes that demand robust and reliable valve solutions. Our Everlasting valves are designed to meet these challenges head-on, ensuring efficiency, longevity, and minimal downtime throughout the production cycle.

Whether it’s the production of synthetic diesel, synthetic natural gas (SNG), or other synthetic hydrocarbons, our valves are perfectly suited for critical roles in the synthetic fuel production process. They excel in handling diverse feedstocks, catalytic reactions, and high-temperature environments.

Everlasting has installed valves in some of the most advanced, innovative, energy technologies. They include coal gasification (GE & Southern Co.), gas, coal, & biomass to liquids or XTL (Oryx, Frontline BioEnergy, Energy & Environmental Research Center). And Sasol specs EV for catalyst slurry services in in their F-T (Fischer-Tropsch) Process.

Reach out to our experienced team to discuss your specific needs and explore how Everlasting Valve can be a key partner in optimizing your synthetic fuel production operations. Together, we can drive forward the future of sustainable energy with reliable valve solutions tailored to your requirements.