How Does a Diverter Valve Work?

SchuF invented the diverter valve in 1965. It originally consisted of the combination of two or more piston or disc valves. Fast forward 45 years, and it has applications in a multitude of industries. But how does a diverter valve work? What is it exactly and what are the most common uses? Get up-to-speed on […]


How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Ball Valve?

How much does it cost to replace a ball valve? A question asked by many of our clients. While a residential ball valve usually comes with a price tag, what about commercial ball valves? If you’ve ever wondered about the factors that influence the cost of replacing a commercial ball valve, you’ve come to the […]


Types Of Control Valves Used in Industries

Some control valves on the market will typically fail within about a year, while others can last for decades. Control valves are used in a range of applications. They’re vital to the oil and gas industry, manufacturing sectors, chemical storage, and even for residential applications. If you need valves for a project, it’s important that […]


Severe Service Control Valves: How Do They Work?

Valve technology has a little-known connection to musical instruments. Heinrich Stoelzel drastically improved upon the double piston valve in the early 19th century as a means of allowing horn players greater access to a range of pitches. Today, valves play an integral role in transportation, crude oil refinement, and other sectors that make modern life […]


Double Offset Butterfly Valve Advantages

Did you know that the oil and gas, chemical, and automotive industries all rely on double offset butterfly valves? They offer unique advantages over other types of valves for engineering. If you have large volumes of liquid to process, they’re likely the right valve for the job. The following guide will explain double offset butterfly […]


List of Top Mixing Valve Manufacturers

Mixing valves are essential components in various industries. This includes chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing. They allow for precise control of fluid temperature and flow rates. This is crucial in ensuring product quality and safety. In fact, the global mixing valve market is projected to reach $43.12 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth […]


Butterfly Valve Application: The Basics

Did you know that the global butterfly valve market is projected to reach a staggering $14 billion by 2033? This impressive growth is due to the diverse range of applications and industries where butterfly valves play a crucial role. If you’re wondering, “what is a butterfly valve,” and how it’s used, you’ve come to the […]


Ball Valve Problems: Are There Substitutes?

Ball valves are essential components in industrial applications. They help to regulate the flow of fluids and gasses through pipes. While ball valves are generally reliable, they can develop problems that affect their performance and system operation. When a ball valve malfunctions, it can bring your operations to a halt. In this article, we’ll talk […]


The Advantages Of High Seal Butterfly Valves

You take your industrial operation seriously. After all, any industrial expert worth their steel stresses the importance of investing in innovation for your business. If you haven’t considered the value of buying high-seal butterfly valves, now’s the time to do so. These versatile components regulate flow and pressure in pipelines. What’s more, a high-seal butterfly valve has […]


4 Advantages Of the Catalytic Reforming Process Description

In April 2023, gasoline production in the United States saw a decline of 33 thousand barrels. Despite this, the catalytic reforming process in the petroleum industry continues to grow. It enhances gasoline production quality while reducing environmental impacts. The demand for fuel-efficient vehicles is increasing. There is a critical need to reduce harmful emissions. As a […]