4 Reasons To Use Everlasting Valves For Pulp & Paper Plants

There are very few constants in this life. The world around us is shifting in every way. With more sustainable practices and renewable energies, getting smarter about your production setup is part of the evolution. When it comes to the pulp and paper industry, the right pulp valves can make all the difference. In this ever-shifting […]


Custom Made Mining Valves

Mining Valves Valves are used daily in the world of heavy industry and in the mining industry. Safety and production rely on these valves. Without them, the work would be less efficient. We make custom mining valves for our clients, but as a primer here is a sampling of valves used in the mining industry. […]


Upgrade Your Dust Collector Valve With Everlasting Valves

Dusty environments in heavy industries can often lead to costly repairs and unexpected downtime, which can be devastating to your company’s operations. In industries such as steel mills, grain, feed, agriculture, concrete, mining, and metalworking, when particulates get into the machines it can mean big problems. This is why it is so important to have […]


Stainless Steel Valves – Our Options

Replacing valves on equipment can be time-consuming and expensive. Many valves last less than a decade, and will last even less time if they corrode or break. Thankfully, there’s a solution to your breakage and replacement issues! Stainless steel valves are a great alternative, and will reduce many of the issues facing normal plastic or brass […]


The Types Of Valves Used In Wastewater Treatment Plants

Access to clean, safe water is vital to the survival of human civilization. Due to the current climate crisis, the sustainable management of water has become more crucial than ever. Wastewater treatment facilities play a significant role in these critical systems. When it comes to wastewater piping systems, wastewater valves play an integral role and do a lot of […]


All About Ball Valve Failure: Common Failures and Causes

While the likelihood of gas leaks ending in a massive fireball is lower than you might think, ensuring nothing escapes the valves at your factory is essential for ensuring worker safety and bringing in maximum profit. For many companies, this takes the form of securing airtight ball valves to keep everything in. That said, no valve […]


The 4 Types of Steel Valves: A Guide by Steel Valve Manufacturers

Valves are an essential piece in most production facilities. Without them in good condition and working properly, production lines grind to a stop. This often causes you to begin rushing to find a solution or a timely replacement. For that reason, it’s integral you find a good company of trustworthy steel valve manufacturers. That’s where we come in. […]


International Valve Suppliers – Everlasting Valve Co.

Everlasting Valve company has been manufacturing high-quality valves for over a century. Patterson Allen Engineering founded us with one goal in mind: industrial valves must be tougher than the applications they’re designed for. Ever since then, companies have relied on our exceptional products and even better service. Keep reading to learn how our focus on solving plant […]


What Are The Different Flow Control Valve Types

Do you know about the different flow control valve types? If you’re a DIYer and want to work on your own plumbing or hydraulic system, it helps to know all your available options. Flow control valves work in hydraulics to open and close the flow into engines and piping. There are at least five or […]


Throttling Valve Types: The Best Types Of Valves For Throttling

We get it; determining the best types of throttling valves can be a daunting process. We’ll go over in detail the different throttling valve types and their uses. No matter that industry, we are confident that the most appropriate valve is here. Let’s get started by going over the basics, then conducting a deep dive into […]