Slurry Valves For Any Type Of Material And Choosing the Right Ones

Since ancient times, we have been regulating the flow of liquids, with material including stones, branches, and trunks of trees. During the Middle Ages, rudimentary valves, most cylindrical in shape, were found in many of the towns around the Mediterranean Sea. These valves were the forerunners of what we have today. The Romans developed increasingly […]


Chemical Valves For Various Industries

Few industries are as important or exacting as the chemical industry. This essential industry provides products that not only improve our lives but are a critical cornerstone of our modern, industrialized age. The chemical industry, by its very nature, demands exacting standards in all its processes. The Importance of Quality Valves for Safety The chemical […]


Industrial Diverter Valves | Reduce Downtime & Save Money

Diverter valves serve many purposes in industrial applications. These valves control flow, including redirecting from an inlet to one or many outlets. Or they bring two lines to one. In industrial settings, particularly severe service conditions, these valves might handle abrasive, erosive, or otherwise challenging materials. Your choice in industrial diverter valves impacts your entire […]


Isolation Valves For The Power Industry

Here at Everlasting Valve Co., we specialize in heavy-duty valves for some of the world’s most severe environments. Valves we produce are powerful, and they have to be – they replace worn-out valves and will perform well for years to come. One of the areas we often see our valves utilized is in power generation. […]


Intermittent Blowdown Valves | Specs & Comparisons

Of all our valves at Everlasting Valve Co., the boiler blowdown valve was our very first. Originally manufactured in 1906, the boiler blowdown valve was for steam-boiler operations. Over time, it has come to be used in some of the harshest industrial applications. Instead of globe valves, why not make the change to our intermittent […]


The Everlasting Self-Lapping Valve | Explained

It’s an accomplishment for any company to be in business as long as we have. Over a century ago, Everlasting Valve started in 1906 when Patterson Allen Engineering founded it. The world was a very different place back then, but heavy industries, such as petroleum refining, electrical grids, shipbuilding, and other heavy industries needed the […]


Dry Bulk Valves For Industrial Processing

There are businesses today that require strong, durable, reliable equipment every minute of every day. Such companies include those involved in industrial processing. Industries such as these operate on either a continuous basis or production occurs on batches of materials. For all companies relying on equipment running smoothly, Everlasting Valve Company is here for your […]


Unplanned Downtime – The Causes, Costs and How You Can Reduce It

Unplanned downtime is one of the biggest headaches a manufacturer can have. It’s is a stressor looming over every company that relies on functioning equipment to get work done. Downtime is bad enough, even when it is scheduled for an important reason. But when it comes as a surprise, it is a costly, frustrating, unpredictable […]


Industrial Valve Solutions At Everlasting Valve Company

Solutions for your company can often be challenging, especially when those answers lie at the very center of what keeps your business operating. For those in industries where tough, reliable and long-lasting products are an absolute must, you can turn with confidence to Everlasting Valve Co. We have the industrial valve solutions for you. Everlasting […]


Types Of Valve Used In The Oil & Gas Industry That Every Engineer Should Know

For every piping system in the world, there are valves. Valves are crucial in the oil and gas industries as they help control the flow of whatever is flowing through the components. Whether oil, gas, other liquid, or vapors are flowing through the piping, valves play a crucial role in each operation. The oil and […]