Everlasting Valve – Not Your Average Autoclave Valve

Autoclave valves are widely used in mining and mineral processing. In these settings, autoclaves help extract metal from refractory ore bodies, using high-pressure acid leaching and/or pressure oxidation. As in other processing applications, autoclave valves have to work in extreme temperatures and pressures and stand up to abrasives and other challenging materials. In some early […]


Everlasting Valve Company – A Leader In Industrial Gas Valves

Industrial Gas Valves In Remote Locations One of the biggest challenges of industrial gas production comes down to location. Typically, production and processing happen in remote areas where quick repair is not an option. It is critical that industrial gas valves maintain reliability, or this remoteness can create a cascade of problems waiting for help […]


Produced Water Treatment Valves

Every time a barrel of oil is produced, there are several more barrels of produced water to go along with it. This water comes out of oil wells, brought up along with oil during production. It’s full of oil and metals, and often includes natural radioactive material, bacteria and similar organisms, and dispersed solid particles. […]


Industrial Marine Valves For Off-Shore Processing

Oil processing is a challenging environment by itself, and when you add a marine/offshore setting, every piece of equipment has to work that much harder in the face of water, salt, corrosion, and pressure. Marine valves have to work in unique and often service conditions, resisting saltwater and marine-related failures. Why Marine Valves Matter Our […]


A Reliable Wastewater Valve Replacement

Conventional wastewater valves cover a wide range of products, including gate valves, check valves, and knife valves. They are used for critical purposes like isolation, modulation, and have to operate in challenging conditions. Wastewater valves encounter varying flows, pressures, and temperature, as well as chemicals and materials that can be corrosive or abrasive. These typical […]


Everlasting Slurry Valves – Manufacturing Reliable Valves Since 1906

Our slurry valves are made to handle thick materials with abrasive properties, without plugging or compromising the valve seal. Processing slurry is a challenge these valves easily meet thanks to our expertise as a slurry valves manufacturer. Valves are our specialty. Our company manufactures four different types of valves that suit virtually every industrial application, along […]


Valves For Delayed Coking | Delayed Coking Process

There are not many environments that are as challenging as the delayed coking process. Temperatures reach upward of 1000°F and coke valves have to maintain reliability while managing the abrasive and erosive coke by-product and undergoing extreme thermal cycling. A good coker valve ensures stability, safety, and profitability throughout the delayed coking process, which means […]


Industrial Sand Valves | Sand Separation & Collection

People in all kinds of industrial settings need industrial valves every day. Our clients are wide-ranging, and include cement factories that seek the best deals for ball valves and maintenance firms that had been shopping around better valves. For the longest-lasting valves on the market, we recommend looking in one place. Right here, at Everlasting […]


Fly Ash Valves – The Benefits Of Ash Handling With Everlasting Valves

In the world of heavy-duty industrial applications, nothing less will do than a heavy-duty valve. You need equipment that will stand up to the complexities of environments that require durable equipment. One way in which heavy-duty valves perform involves ash handling, the method of either conveying or collecting ash residue that has been left over […]


Coal Valves For Industrial Uses

In a coal plant, equipment including valves works under demanding conditions. High temperatures and pressure differentials, corrosion, and many chemical and environmental deposits degrade machinery at a high rate, and if coal valves cannot stand up to this tough job, they degrade too, causing expensive malfunctions and outages. Coal valves may seem like a small […]