Metal Seated Valves Vs. Soft Seated Valves

A lot of decisions await anyone looking at industrial valves. Size, body material, design, and seat type all impact the way a valve works and how it stands up in harsh environments. Metal seated valves have different properties than soft seated valves. And one may be a better choice over another depending on your needs. […]


The Most Reliable Cement Silo Valve

Cement silos are essential in cement production, storing building materials and mixtures. They are also an element of production that can bring an extra risk of problems. These include issues that require planned downtime for maintenance or, worse yet, unplanned emergency downtime. In a cement silo, valves are equally essential in ensuring performance and reliability. […]


Types Of Valves Used In Power Plants

Power generation relies heavily on valves. The types of valves used in power plants are typically widely varied, as each one takes on a different role. In a conventional thermal power plant set-up, the valves used in power plants can include: Safety Valves and Safety Shut Off Valves These valves used in power plants work […]


The Importance of Using Lead Free Valves

We understand your confusion about all the different types of valves out there. Not every valve is right for every industry or budget. All valves must agree with your unique plant environment. Some valves can be substituted for others, some cannot. With this in mind, we’ll look at lead-free valves and why these are important. […]


Special Purpose Valves | Custom Engineered To Your Needs

At Everlasting Valve Company, we have been producing top-quality heavy-duty use valves for over one hundred years. There is no company in the USA that has the reputation we enjoy – that of giving you quality, durability and longevity with every valve we produce. We offer four unique valve configurations to our customers and if […]


Pressure Seal Valves for Industrial Uses

At Everlasting Valve Company, we are different. It’s not just because we offer the most powerful, longest-lasting valves on the market today. It is in the way we do business with our clients. We become your partner in solving all of your valve problems from day one and we stay with it until you have […]


An Overview Of Our Rotating Disc Process Valves

Process valves are invaluable in all kinds of industrial applications, handling media, controlling components, and otherwise making equipment of all types work the way it should. Sure, process valves can be small, but they are a huge part of keeping any operations running smoothly. If a process valve fails, the results can be catastrophic. That’s […]


FCC Valves – Our Long Lasting, Low Maintenance Valves

Petroleum refining puts every piece of equipment through its paces, subject to high temperatures, strong pressures, abrasion, and constant use. For inferior metal seated valves, this inevitably means leaks, jams, breakage, and the need for frequent replacement or repair. It’s a lot of work just getting valves to do what they are supposed to do. […]


The Best Quick Opening Valves For Boilers

Quick opening valves play a key part in boiler blowdown sequencing and other aspects of operating and maintaining boilers. These valves provide large changes in flow without delay. That being said, quick opening valves are up against a lot of pressure and need to function reliably to help your boiler environment work the way it […]


Our American Made Valves

When Everlasting Valve Company was founded over a century ago, it had two primary goals. To work closely with our customers to create solutions that were cost-effective, more efficient, and met their needs. To develop a valve that was tougher than the applications it was designed for and could withstand the harshest environments. Fast-forward to […]