The Best Quick Opening Valves For Boilers

Quick opening valves play a key part in boiler blowdown sequencing and other aspects of operating and maintaining boilers. These valves provide large changes in flow without delay. That being said, quick opening valves are up against a lot of pressure and need to function reliably to help your boiler environment work the way it […]


Our American Made Valves

When Everlasting Valve Company was founded over a century ago, it had two primary goals. To work closely with our customers to create solutions that were cost-effective, more efficient, and met their needs. To develop a valve that was tougher than the applications it was designed for and could withstand the harshest environments. Fast-forward to […]


Why You Shouldn’t Use Ball Valves For Sludge – A Sludge Valve Solution

Sludge Valves Sludge is challenging to manage. Made up of large particles of mostly unpleasant material, such as sewage or rotting substances, it can make a pipe system foul and blocked in no time if not dealt with properly. Sludge can also quickly deteriorate the system it’s contained in. This is especially true if the […]


A Boiler Blow Off Valve You Can Rely On

Companies large and small have come to rely on our solutions for valves in the world’s most challenging environments. We are different from other valve manufacturers. We use a partnership approach to find the best solutions to your valve issues. Our flagship product is the Boiler Blowdown Valve; a boiler blow off valve you can […]


How Our Renowned Self Cleaning Valves Work

Our Self Cleaning Valves Over a century ago, our company was founded on the premise that industrial valves should be tougher than the applications for which they were designed. Over the years, we have continuously worked to do just that. We are the company to call when you have the worst, seemingly unsolvable problems in […]


Different Types of Valves & Which You Should Choose

Different Types Of Valves There are so many different types of valves on the market, we understand if you’re feeling confused about what kind of valve is best for your budget, your industry, and your specific plant environment. Not all valves are made alike, but many can stand in for another, making it even more […]


Everlasting Oil and Gas Valves – Refinement and Processing

Our Oil and Gas Valves Oil and gas extraction and refinement are some of the toughest, dirtiest and perhaps most important jobs on the planet. The major challenges of oil and gas industry are not only in the processes involved, but often the environment in which oil and gas operations take place. These are often […]


The Difference Between A Butterfly Valve and Gate Valve

Difference Between Butterfly Valves and Gate Valves Two of the most popular valves on the market today are butterfly valves and gate valves, so let’s explore what each type can do and what makes them such effective tools. Gate valves As the name implies, the main function of a valve is as a gatekeeper. The […]


Long Lasting Metal Seated Valves

Metal Seated Valves Metal seated valves (not metal seated ball valves) are perfect for high-temperature situations, longer-lasting than metal seated ball valves. Designed to stand up to difficult conditions, these valves will see you through extreme temperatures, high pressure and abrasive media. Different from how typical ball valves function, metal seated valves have taken engineering […]


How Does A Ball Valve Function?

What, exactly, is ball valve function, and why does that matter when you are selecting valves for your business? We’re here to answer that question and let you know more about how the valves you choose for your industrial applications can make a big impact on your efficiency, profitability, and overall success. If you’re interested, […]