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Published September 27, 2019

oil and gas valves

Our Oil and Gas Valves

Oil and gas extraction and refinement are some of the toughest, dirtiest and perhaps most important jobs on the planet. The major challenges of oil and gas industry are not only in the processes involved, but often the environment in which oil and gas operations take place. These are often the remotest, coldest, sandiest, or hottest places on earth. From the tundra of Alaskan oil fields to the salt and storms of the North Sea, few industrial operations are tougher or rougher than petroleum production.

There aren’t many industries that test equipment, and people, as hard as oil and gas. Effective oil and gas valves are a key component of a whole range of processes, required at just about all stages in the operations of the extraction and processing of petroleum.

Everlasting Oil and Gas Valves in Remote Areas

Remoteness proposes further challenges. What do you in case of a break down when parts and qualified manpower could be thousands of miles away? That’s when you need reliability, and that’s just what Everlasting valves offer. Our valves are battle-hardened and field-tested. These are valves that have proven themselves through decades of use.

In the Alaskan oil fields, some of the most remote in the world, reliability is everything. Logistics and distance add a whole dimension to the cost of replacement or repair. Everlasting oil and gas valves have been deployed here since 1995, specifically because of their exceptional toughness and reliability.

Our valve was the first hydrocyclone to be deployed on the Alaska North Slope field to remove seawater, sand and other contaminants from crude oil in lower-pressure wells. Our customers, realizing the exceptional toughness and reliability of Everlasting valves, design their units with our valves integrated from the start. The valves we manufacture are the best fit for this rugged, remote and difficult region for oil and gas.

Everlasting oil and gas valves perform exceptionally and provide a perfect solution for applications where critical-sealing is needed. This includes the tough and dirty jobs of handling abrasive slurries when extracting crude oil from the earth and injecting proppants and slurries to separate the oil from contaminants.

Our unique valves use self-lapping, rotating-disc designs. A host of petroleum producers across the world discovered throughout the last century that our valves perform exceptionally in some of the toughest jobs on the planet.

Our self-lapping, rotating-disc valves’ wide seat and disc surfaces are routinely machine-lapped during manufacture. This is how a seal is created that far exceeds industry standards for shut-off and isolation valves. The self-lapping action of the valve maintains a tight seal as it performs its work, making our Everlasting oil and gas valves perfect for critical-sealing applications such as oil and petroleum production.

We’re confident that our Everlasting oil and gas manufactured valves are among the best in the world for performance and reliability in production. Our trading history and a huge list of customers is a testament to this.

Oil and Gas Refining

As well the pressures and dirt, oil refining come with another significant problem: the heat. Those who work with petroleum know that the demands on your equipment can be huge. It’s high pressure, high temperature and comes with high levels of abrasion. Plants must work day and night with a minimum of downtime for maintenance and repair.

Year after year, few refinery valves can withstand all this. Metal-seated ball valves, gate valves, and butterfly valves all commonly experience leaks, jams, and breakages. Often, they only last a few months or fewer.

Many types of refinery valves, such as butterfly and metal-seated ball valves, are doomed to a short life in these conditions. In the face of real testing in Fluid-Catalytic Cracker and Continuous-Catalytic reformers, for example, lower-quality and poorly designed valves can perish quickly, causing downtime and replacement or repair expense.

That’s where Everlasting Valve Company shines through. For years, refineries around the world have been depending on the unique features of our self-lapping, rotating disc valves. And because they’re so deeply customizable, we can build valve solutions that precisely meet your needs, like our stainless steel valves. Our valves have performed so well that United Oil Processing has mandated that only our valves be used in its refinery-production processes.

You need the very best equipment in such a hostile environment as oil and gas. And the very best testing and the experience. This combination can provide valves that won’t fail you. We don’t sell cheap valves, we sell industry-leading, reliable, precision-engineered, and extensively tested valves that do the job and last the distance.

Heads of maintenance and reliability quickly realize that Everlasting valves are extremely cost-effective, quickly paying dividends because of their reliability.

A little more capital investment could save you down-time, and manpower and replacement costs. Make the right decision and get in touch with Everlasting Valve Company for your oil and gas valves.

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