What Is The Difference Between A Gate Valve And A Globe Valve

Published May 16, 2019

difference between gate valve and globe valve

Difference Between A Gate Valve And A Globe Valve

When choosing valves for your business, understanding the difference between a gate valve and a globe valve is important. Both are popular valve types, and even look similar, but each is best suited for different applications.

Gate Valve Basics

A gate valve can be used for starting and stopping flow but they cannot regulate the level of flow.  They are in fact designed to isolate or connect fluids, however. A partial flow is not something ideally managed through a gate valve, as this can damage the gate and introduce vibration.

Their name comes from how they operate, with a gate sliding in between the seats of the valve at a right angle to the fluid flow. The gate can be shaped like a wedge, knife, or parallel.

Physically, gate valves are higher than globe valves when fully opened, but have a smaller face to face length. The gate being moved up or down is easy to visually acknowledge as the valves operate with either a rising stem or a non-rising stem.

Gate valves possess very little fluid flow resistance when fully open, and as the gate will fully retract in its bonnet, pressure drops are fairly low, accommodating frequent opening and closing action. That being said, gate valves are more prone to seat and disk wear than globe valves.

One of the big differences between a gate valve and a globe valve: a gate valve can be installed in various directions while a globe valve only goes in one direction.

A gate valve should only be installed where the valve can be fully opened and shut, and should not be over tightened as there is a risk to distorting the gate.

Globe Valve Basics

Globe valves can be used to start, stop, and regulate flow. Their name comes from the shape of the valve body itself. In operation, a cone-shaped plug moves in and out of the flow of fluid. The flow is controlled by how far away the plug is from its seat. Operators should be careful not to turn the valve shaft too far, as it can damage the seating.

They offer more resistance to fluid flow, and have a high-pressure drop even when the valve is fully open.

Globe valves generally seal better than gate valves and last longer. They are more expensive than similarly sized gate valves, but may be worth the extra expense in situations where throttling is needed.

How Everlasting Valves Can Help

While there are certainly obvious differences between a gate valve and a globe valve, they share some common issues — wear and tear and eventual failure is a reality for both types, and both are vital to business processes so must be replaced in the event of issues. As industrial valve suppliers, Everlasting Valves can help overcome this problem, whether your company is working with gate valves, globe valves, or something else entirely.

Our valves are self-lapping and self-cleaning, with an innovative rotating disc design that makes for an incredibly high-performance part, designed to last in even the toughest applications. With your existing gate and globe valves, you may have noticed that the seats wear out quickly. With Everlasting Valves, the rotating disc and self-lapping action overcomes the issue of sealing surfaces always meeting at the same point, effectively wearing seats in instead of out, and improving the valve seal with use.

Perhaps you are finding that flow is causing erosion in seating surfaces. We can help with that, too. We build our valves with a wide seat band perpendicular to the flow so erosion int he flow path does not affect the sealing ability.

Excessive pressure drop and reduced flow causing problems? We’re here to solve it. With typical valves, flow path can be restricted when the valve is open. Our valves offer full port low, effectively managing problems with pressure and flow reduction.

Even if the materials with which you are working are erosive or abrasive, there is nothing an Everlasting Valve cannot handle. When you switch to our products, for gate valves, globe valves, and anything in between, you are getting all of the beneficial aspects of the technology without the common headaches of valve failures and subsequent machine outages.

Simply put, our valves promote efficient, effective processes, saving you time and money as you will no longer have to be constantly thinking about the potential for outages, staying on top of valves that are wearing out, and procuring and installing replacements. Invest in our products, and your valves will truly take care of themselves, increasing your productivity, your profits, and your company’s success.

Contact us today to learn more about our valves, or arrange direct shipment of products from our New Jersey warehouse.

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