When To Use Unique Valves

Published April 17, 2019

unique valves

Unique Valves

If your company is relying on cheaper ball valves, you might feel like you are saving money. In the long run, however, you could be putting your business at a disadvantage. Investing in unique valves, you can get more for your money and you experience better reliability.

Ball Valve Basics

Ball valves are commonplace and ubiquitous. They offer versatility and they are easy to find thanks to the wide ranges of use for them in many applications. And yes, they are affordable — cheap ball valves are readily found, probably in part due to the number of uses for these parts. However, they present their own set of challenges.

Problems with ball valves include the fact that they are actually not meant for all purposes. For instance, slurries and other similar liquids do not work well with ball valves, as they can stick the valve in place and render it useless, or add to the wear and tear on the valve. They are also not great for throttling in a sustained manner, as high velocity flows contribute to erosion.

When a ball valve fails, for whatever reason, it requires replacement. Those cheaper ball valves people are buying and using industrially may not be so cheap when they have to be replaced on a regular basis, not to mention the cost of the downtime and labor hours to fix the situation.

Knowing that cheap ball valves can contribute to the risk of unplanned outages, and the frustration of having to regularly purchase new valves as replacements, there’s a less conventional option that may suit your business.

Unique Valves and Their Unique Characteristics

Unique valves serve similar purposes to those widespread, cheap (and cheaply made) ball valves, with added unique characteristics that make them the ideal solution for preventing outages and ensuring the longevity of equipment, and thus, business success.

Let’s consider the ball valve and how it operates. Every time it is used, it degrades a bit more, until it is broken and potentially taking down the entire system with it.

One of the key aspects of our unique valves, however, is the way that they improve with use, the opposite of what those cheap ball valves do. Our valves contain a self-lapping rotating disk. Instead of opening and closing in the same place every time, the self-lapping rotating disk rotates as the valve is opened or closed, so there’s no chance for grooves or scratches to be set into place. In fact, this rotating action polishes any scratches away, offering a product with unparalleled service life.

You may find yourself buying cheap ball valve after cheap ball valve, racking up maintenance costs and wondering if it will ever stop. All of that can be over as quickly and simply as replacing your ball valves with unique valves, which will stop the cascade of wear and tear and replacement.

Our unique valves also have the unique characteristic of a self-cleaning, open body, which means that they can handle any application, including those that can jam a ball valve in seconds. You can throw anything at (or through) these valves, and they will keep on going reliably, with no jams, no breaks, and no stoppages. They work perfectly in all conditions including dry, wet, hot, and cold. There’s a reason why they’re called Everlasting Valves! For those used to having to work with finicky ball valves, it’s a night and day difference that can completely change business operations in a positive way.

We offer several kinds of valves, all of which boast these features and all of which are made to last, giving you the best possible value for your money. Whether you need process valves, diverter valves, bulk material valves, or boiler blowdown valves, you can rely on our unique valves to change the way you work.

For any application in which you are currently using or considering using an inexpensive ball valve, we urge you to consider how much you will be spending in the months and years ahead to continually fix and replace those valves. Take that amount and consider what it would cost to invest in our everlasting unique valves, which will be a one-time purchase. Think about the costs of downtime when your ball valves inevitably break, and consider if those cheap ball valves really are inexpensive in the long term.

We think that unique valves offer an excellent solution to the disposable nature of cheap ball valves, and we think that your business, and your own clients, deserve the reliable, durable, and exceptional service that comes with using unique valves.

We’d be happy to share more about how Everlasting Valves can transform your business. Give our team a call at 908-769-0700, or connect with us online today.

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