Types Of Valves Used In Power Plants

Published April 9, 2020

types of valves used in power plants

Power generation relies heavily on valves. The types of valves used in power plants are typically widely varied, as each one takes on a different role. In a conventional thermal power plant set-up, the valves used in power plants can include:

  • Safety Valves and Safety Shut Off Valves
    These valves used in power plants work to prevent over-pressuring, to keep people, the plant, and the environment safe.
  • Shut Off Valves
    Also known as isolation valves, these are usually ball valves, gate valves, and butterfly valves. They stop process media from moving to a location and help control its path.
  • Control Valves
    These valves control conditions within a power plant, like flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid. Many are ball or globe valves, allowing for throttling as well as shut-off.

All of these valves are frequently used. Many are frequently switched on and off, adding more stress to the system. To be thermally efficient, power plants are putting their valves through more pressure, heat, and usage.

When valves cannot stand up to the harsh conditions of power plants, they fail in numerous ways. Leaks, seat erosion, valve seizure, and shut-off failures are common issues that can present big problems.

To operate at peak capacity, a power plant relies on never-ending quality performance from every piece of equipment, all the way down to valves. Even the valves that are not used as frequently need to be working perfectly when the time calls for an emergency shut-off or similar action. While valves are small, their impact is huge. Any issues with a valve can lead to downtime, troubleshooting, the need for repair and replacement, and a whole lot of stress.

Valve replacement also adds up with other costs. Equipment has to be disassembled, then reassembled. There are costs for the staff and resources needed to manage your valve inventory control. And there may be a cost for the environmental impact of disposing of discarded valves. That is all on top of the added costs you face from personnel overtime and the revenue loss from the plant having to shut down even temporarily.

Everlasting Valves Used in Power Plants

In such a critical environment as a power plant, lower quality valves simply will not do the job. They may cost less in the short-term, but when you are looking at all of the associated costs that go along with replacement — the valve, the labor, the shutdown, and so on — that cheap valve has suddenly turned into a very expensive investment.

Even when low-quality valves do not fail, they can wreak a lot of havoc. Typical valves used in power plants often do not work as well in humidity, leading to filter bag clogs. Leaks turn into disposal and vacuum reduction, which in turn results in reduction in plant efficiency, higher maintenance costs, and an overall loss of profits.

The good news is that there’s a solution. Our Everlasting valves will replace any valves used in power plants. Our power plant valves are the ideal replacement for knife-gate valves, slide-gate valves, and metal-seated ball valves, and more.

If you do not see your conventional valve type listed, rest assured that our experienced, qualified team can design and manufacture an Everlasting valve to your specifications. Our team is happy to visit your site to learn more about your specific power plant and its needs, using those details to custom-build the perfect valve for you.

Our valves work for years, and even decades, without the need for maintenance or repair. They resist all of the harsh conditions found in power plants, including erosion, abrasion, and high temperatures. They do all of this without the risk of breaks, leaks, or jamming.

Our Everlasting valves, used in power plants, work well for your applications thanks to their revolutionary design. Built with a self-lapping, rotating disc, open-body functionality, the valves polish themselves of any debris or scratches, making the valve seal tighter with every pass. The more you put our valves through the paces in your critical power plant operations, the more efficient they become. It’s the complete opposite of the typical types of valves used in power plants, which wear out and break down with use.

Investing in our valves means you are investing in the longevity, success, and profitability of your company. In today’s competitive world, when businesses are doing all that they can to get ahead of the competition and stay there, give yourself an advantage with Everlasting Valves.

Call us at 908-769-0700, email [email protected], or contact us online. Our team is looking forward to learning more about your needs and helping you find the ideal solution. We’re here to answer your questions and we’re happy to write up a quote.

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