Industrial Marine Valves For Off-Shore Processing

Published June 22, 2020

marine valves

Oil processing is a challenging environment by itself, and when you add a marine/offshore setting, every piece of equipment has to work that much harder in the face of water, salt, corrosion, and pressure. Marine valves have to work in unique and often service conditions, resisting saltwater and marine-related failures.

Why Marine Valves Matter

Our marine valves ensure your business is as profitable and efficient as possible. In a high-value field like off-shore processing, every second counts.

Your marine valves are there to control well fluids that are highly pressured and often containing some solids and chemicals. Production valves, especially, need to do their job consistently to keep your operations moving. Separation valves also encounter corrosion, abrasives and chemicals, and if they cannot manage these harsh conditions, you will see it in lost product, time, and productivity.

In treatment and processing, valves continue to boast an important function, particularly in keeping hydrocarbons where they are supposed to be with minimal wasting. The same holds for the valves that send oil for storage, shipment, reservoir injection or flaring. These all need to be leak-free and able to isolate materials carefully.

While marine valves are a small part, each one plays a critical role, and when you need to repair or replace a valve, your business takes a hit. Everlasting valves are also crucial for safety in your facilities. All equipment needs to be running well in the remote, extreme environments of off-shore processing. Any time it isn’t, it is not just your productivity and profitability at risk. If you can’t trust your valves, personnel are at a higher risk of a safety incident.

Even if marine valves are not actively failing, they can still cause safety concerns. For example, valves used in gas-to-flare systems need to be selected appropriately to avoid excess noise and vibration, which can go against safety regulations as well as environmental regulations.

Replacing Your Valves With Everlasting Valves

There are all kinds of valves typically used in off-shore processing, including gate valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves, and plug valves. With Everlasting, you can cut that list right down. We manufacture process valves, and diverter valves all used as marine valves, and if those do not fit your needs we are happy to create a custom valve tailored to your facility.

How can one manufacturer serve so many applications with just a handful of valves? It is all built on our self-lapping, rotating disc technology, designed to do an even better job than a standard valve in the same application.

The valve is built with an open body design that allows any material to flow through freely, stopping any potential for clogs, binding, or damaged seats as the rotating discs cycle through the body and  allow media to flow through.

The seat itself is wide, and each valve comes with a sealing disc that is ready to go with a top rating for shut off and isolation. When the valve self-laps during use, the seal tightens along with it. This is the exact opposite of a conventional valve where the seal wears out with use, not in.

Every valve we make is designed for extreme temperatures, pressures, and conditions. We know this design works because our valves are used in the toughest situations by companies like Shell Global, Irving, and Chevron, just a handful of our clients. In some cases, Everlasting Valves products have been going strong for fifty years!

If all of this sounds great to you, but you do not think our valves will fit in with your off-shore processing equipment, simply get in touch with our team. We enjoy problem-solving with our clients and will take a hands-on approach to understand what you need from a valve, and how we can make it happen. We engineer countless custom valves regularly, designing and manufacturing for the roughest conditions imaginable.

When you investigate our valves you will find that they cost more than typical marine valves, especially if you have been buying valves that are on the lower side of quality. That higher price represents a much longer lifetime value than conventional options. Instead of having to replace valves regularly, shut down your processing for repairs, or, worse yet, go through unplanned outages to deal with valve issues, you can invest in Everlasting Valve products once and rest assured that those valves will keep working reliably for years to come.

Find out more about our marine valves. Get in touch today for details or to submit a request for a quote or a customized valve. You can also call us at 908-769-0700 or email [email protected]

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