Ways To Avoid Production Downtime With Everlasting Valves

Published September 17, 2021

avoid production downtime

Efficient and smooth infrastructure is crucial to run every company. Any production downtime, whether planned or unplanned, spirals companies into a series of costly consequences. You can avoid significant losses and workflow disruptions with Everlasting valves.

Our high-quality, severe service valves thrive even in the harshest conditions and through extreme usage. All our valves are backed by robust and innovative technology. With stronger and high-performing valves, you can prevent downtime. Instead, accelerate your operations and productivity.

Why Is Frequent Production Downtime Bad for Your Company?

The consequences of downtime go beyond major inconvenience. The uncertain halt in your operations leads to loss of time, money and often brings down employees’ motivation. The impact is likely to be more significant and affect your company in several ways.

Productivity Loss

Server outages can shut down the entire production process. Any delay in one supply chain part contributes to issues in other areas as well. Generally, every service and communication goes through management systems. A loss of in-network access brings the whole workplace to a sudden halt.

Employees may not have any task to attend to until the servers restart. Regardless of system failures and network disruptions, companies have to bear the operating and labor costs, rent, and other fees. It reduces productivity, but the expenses remain and may lead to further losses.

Advanced valves ensure that the servers and systems continue to function without getting disconnected during downtime. When the network restores, you can restore to the pace of the usual operations.

Data Loss

Production downtime comes with the risk of data exposure or loss. Both scenarios are detrimental to companies and lead to unpredictable consequences. Even if you have a data backup, files may corrupt or face damages.

Network security lapses may also occur. It exposes your crucial data to cyberattacks that compromise or destroy the information. Losing any part of your data resource may impact business decisions. It has the potential to disrupt daily operations.

Reputation Loss

Downtime not only affects operations but also damages the company’s brand reputation. Apart from facing immediate consequences with lost productivity and data, the organization faces long-term repercussions. You are likely to lose the trust of clients and investors with frequent downtime.

The word soon spreads and deters potential clients. The sales of your products or usage of your services drastically fall. It may be challenging to rebuild trust and restore the organization’s reputation.

Switch to efficient Everlasting valves to prevent frequent production downtime and raise your brand reputation to new heights.

How Everlasting Valves Prevent Downtime

Valves are essential for production facilities and companies of different industries.  However, the quality of the valves you use is crucial. Higher quality and good condition valves provide better performance and ensure that the production lines and operations run smoothly.

Choosing a trustworthy valve company that designs and produces efficient valves can make a huge difference in running your operations. Everlasting valves come to you after rigorous testing. You can rely on our valves to avoid downtime.


Our valves have a reputation for being durable and long-lasting. They are suitable for harsh industrial use. Some of the Everlasting valves are performing efficiently for over 50 years in many industrial settings. With such durable performances, you can easily avoid production downtime.

Lower maintenance prices and fewer replacements make our valves a significant investment. You do not have to face any productivity, financial, or data loss with Everlasting valves. The valves rarely require any repairs. Whenever the repair need arises, you can count on us for timely repair and replacement services.

The valves of our company do not quickly wear out. The more your production line uses them, the better the valves work. Our valves utilize a rotating disk that self-polishes to perform better every time you use it.

Withstands Fluctuating Temperatures

Our valves effectively withstand higher temperatures of up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, they remain efficient in lower temperatures of up to -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The robust cold resistance and heat resistance features are useful for industrial use. You can install it even in staffed plants or busy locations. Our valves handle such temperature extremes and prevent valve failure. They make sure to keep the staff working around the area safe.

Resilient Against Abrasive Slurries

Generally, the functioning of valves takes a hit when they come in contact with slurries. It includes water, particles of sand, fertilizer, cement, and other solids. Eventually, slurries wear down valves and lead to downtime.

We build our valves with resilient materials that handle slurries effectively. You do not have to deal with equipment breakdowns or valve replacement frequently. Everlasting valves stand strong against various abrasive materials of multiple industries.

Personalized Valves to Suit Your Project

We design our valves to accommodate a vast range of applications across industries. You can choose from our valves of stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, and many more. The materials also vary according to different models. We assure you that all our materials are safe, strong, and deliver reliable, high-performance.

If you have a specific valve in mind for your production line or system operations, we are ready to design custom valves for you. Our professional and highly skilled in-house engineering team configure special valves to meet any specific requirements.

Feel free to contact our company any time with your valve idea, and we make it into reality. Our team is available to make onsite visits to understand and cater to your needs. We provide a quote after the inspection. Once you approve the plan, we get straight to creating a personalized valve that helps you prevent production downtime.

Valves are crucial to run production facilities and different organizations smoothly. Any issue with valves leads to downtime. The consequences are filled with losses, delays, and reputation damages. Switch to Everlasting valves to avoid production downtime. Our long-lasting, resilient, and reliable valves ensure to boost your efficiency and enhance productivity.

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