Severe Service Valves For The Toughest Environments

Published June 12, 2019

severe service valves

Severe Service Valves

There are certain applications that call for the toughest, most resilient equipment. In our industry, severe service valves are what clients turn to when they need valves that last. All Everlasting Valve Company valves fall under this umbrella.

There are generally three main types of severe service valves available — severe service control valves, severe service isolation valves, and severe service check valves. While a severe service valve isn’t always easily defined by an industry standard, to us, it comes down to how it is used and what it can withstand.

Severe service valves are valves that can be used in the most challenging environments, providing quality performance for a generous duration of time, more so than a general purpose valve could. So what are severe service conditions that would call for one of these extra-durable valves?

Severe Service Conditions

Here’s what to watch for in your operations to determine if you should consider a severe service valve.

Do you find that your company is running through valves all too frequently, due to needing to cycle it on a constant basis? A severe service valve is designed to open and close regularly without wearing down as quickly as a general purpose valve. On the opposite end of the spectrum, general purpose valves that are not opened or closed frequently may seize and falter, whereas severe service valves can withstand extended periods of time without cycling and still work well.

If you are working with materials like solids that leave scale, sediment, and other debris on your valves, and general purpose valves aren’t holding up to that environment well, a severe service valve can make a big difference. The same is true for highly corrosive materials, which can cause lower-quality valves to leak. Our valves handle quite literally any material handling process, from slurries to sludges to abrasives or erosive materials.

Extreme temperatures, major changes in pressure, and other difficult environments are also an excellent application for severe service valves, which will keep operations running smoothly, cut down on costs thanks to not needing so many replacement valves, and will keep both workers and the industrial environment safe from any leaks or malfunctions. Our valves are rated down to extremely low temperatures of -50 F, all the way up to extreme heat at 1500F.

Essentially, if you find that your company is running through valves at a rate that is unsustainable for your budget or your operations, or your current valves are not performing at the highest degree of quality that you need to be effective and turn a profit, it’s likely time to take a look at what severe service valves can do for you.

The Benefits of Severe Service Valves

Of course, severe service valves work to save you money, as outlined above. The simple act of replacing valves with equipment designed to withstand hostile environments means you will not be spending as much money on a regular basis. Our valves may represent a slightly higher investment up front, but their longer lifespan means you will save money overall. There’s a reason our valves are called Everlasting! They retain their quality and durability for decades, and on the highly rare chance that a valve needs repair, we are here to evaluate and make a fix on any valve we have manufactured.

You will also benefit from more confidence in your valves, and thus your entire operation, which translates to greater confidence for your own clients. You can keep that same confidence in the safety of your operations, which is meaningful for your staff, who can rest assured that safety is a priority for your business thanks to your investment in the strongest, most reliable valves on the market.

Simply put, severe service valves give you the most value for your dollars, paying off in more ways than just financially — a good choice in valves means your company is set up with equipment that works better, lasts longer, and is safer for your company, your staff, and the environment. With Everlasting Valves products, you can take a proactive approach, and make the most of your resources even in the harshest industrial environments.

You can see the difference of Everlasting Valve Company’s severe service valves first-hand through our comprehensive evaluation and quotation process. If you need a custom valve, we will be pleased to come on-site to find out more about your environment, your needs, and your challenges to fabricate the perfect severe service valve for your needs.

For a quote on process valves, bulk material valves, or diverting/converging valves, you can fill out our form here. For boiler blowdown valve quotes, call our office at (908) 769-0700 or email us at [email protected] for more information about pricing and availability. We’re looking forward to working with you.

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