A Better Solution To Metal Seated Ball Valves For High Temperatures – Everlasting Valves

Have you had it with ball valves? Don’t like the way they fail? – Too often and without warning, putting your business in a precarious spot. There is a better way. Everlasting Valve Company can show you how our valves are a much better solution than metal seated ball valves for high temperatures. An Alternative […]


Best 9 Reasons To Choose Our Industrial Valves

What do steam engines, faucets, and automobiles have in common? Like countless other machines and systems, they all operate with the help of valves. Valves come in all shapes and sizes, and the kind of valve you need depends on the job at hand. Valves used for industrial situations need to be extra durable and […]


5 Benefits Of Custom Valves For Industrial Systems

Buying custom valves comes with many benefits. Just as you seek out custom jeans and tailor your new cars to your heart’s desire, you can modify your valves. All of custom valves’ benefits wouldn’t be able to fit in one article. So we narrowed the list down to five. Learn about these benefits by giving […]


The Best Ball Valve Alternative For Industrial Use

Ball valves have been a long-term standard in spite of their operational flaws. Decision-makers accepted the standard and budget for the long-term maintenance for ongoing repairs. Budgets are even adjusted to provide enough replacement valves during high-demand periods. But what if there was a better, alternative solution? Ball valves are common in industrial environments, but […]


Why Metal To Metal Seated Valves Are The Most Reliable Choice

Every year, a typical refinery or chemical plant emits as much as 700 tons of VOCs from leaks in valves, connectors, and pressure-relief devices. A major reason for those leaks is seal or gasket failure due to simple wear and tear or poor maintenance. Choosing the best valves can help you combat fugitive emissions and reduce the […]


The Average Ball Valve Life Expectancy And The Best Replacements

Americans could cut their water usage by 20% by installing more water-efficient fixtures and appliances. That’s where you can put ball valves to good use. A ball valve is a shut-off valve capable of preventing or allowing liquid or gas to pass through a fixture. Using the latest and greatest ball valve in your plumbing can help save […]


The Most Reliable Boiler Valve Replacement

Boiler valves are a necessary part to keep your boilers running efficiently and smoothly. When you have a defective or broken boiler valve, it’s time to turn to a professional repair company. Are you looking for a company that does boiler valve replacement? Our team at Everlasting Valve Company will help you find boiler valves […]


Why You Should Use Everlasting Valves For Your Catalytic Reforming Process

The catalytic reforming process is one that is essential to the refining of petroleum. To get the most out of this process, you require the right equipment. More specifically, you require the right valves. This article goes over the basics of catalytic reforming. It also explores the benefits of using everlasting valves during the process. Let’s start […]


Types Of Valves Used For Oil & Gas

Valves used for oil and gas operate in many mission-critical functions, including controlling flow rates, isolation and shut-off, and other processing and production operations. In most scenarios, these valves face severe operating conditions, including high velocities, erosion, sour gas, vibration, high pressure drops, high temperatures, and other harsh settings. Still, these valves have to function […]


What Is The Best Slurry Control Valve?

In an industrial setting, controlling the flow of clean fluids is a simple affair. But once solids become part of the flow, things get more challenging. A valve meant for straight liquid clogs, deteriorates, and slows down work quickly once it encounters a slurry. If you need to control slurry flow, you need valves made […]