The Top 5 Benefits Of Specialty Valves


specialty valves

Valves that are purpose-built for specific specialties will always be more advantageous that general-purpose valves put into use. These valves are designed to meet a need, based on plant environment, operators, and materials. Instead of trying to fit a generic, often sub-par valve into a critical role, specialty valves suit the situation from the start.

A specialty valve will likely cost more than a general valve and they can be more challenging to find, especially if they need to be custom made. They are worth the effort though. To remind you why specialty valves are worth using, take a look at their top five benefits.

1. Specialty Valves Last Longer

Any time you try to make something generic fit into a specialized role, it is destined for ultimate failure. Valves that are not designed for severe service, tough jobs, or constant use are a great example of this. When a generic valve is treated like a specialty valve, it will not last as long as a true specialty product.

In any industry or setting, valve failure and downtime is not good. When valves break or need repair regularly, or earlier than expected, companies lose time and money. With a proactive investment in specialty equipment, your business can install high-quality valves and not worry about making replacements, for years.

2. Specialty Valves Work Harder

Specialty valves, like our Everlasting Valve Company products, are designed with a lot of care and consideration. These are not generic valves that you would find at a big box store. They are built with quality materials, attention to detail, and a lot of research and testing. Put into practice, this means that specialty valves work harder than general valves. They are going to stand up to the worst conditions and most challenging industries, because they were built to do exactly that.

3. Specialty Valves Work For You — Not Against You

Especially when specialty valves are custom made, they are designed knowing that these valves are an integral piece of equipment. In many cases using generic valves means that the valve is working against you. It is trying to break, trying to seize up, and trying to make work difficult, simply because that is the way it is designed.

On the other hand, our custom specialty valves are created in close consultation with both our clients and our team of industry experts. They are as close to perfection as it gets, designed to fit into your systems and equipment seamlessly.

4. Specialty Valves Keep You Competitive

When your company uses valves that are designed to last longer and work harder, the entire company benefits. The less downtime and equipment failure you experience, and the more productive your business is, the better the profits. Compared to competitors who are still trying to make cheap generic valves work, you will be in a much better position to attract and retain business.

5. Specialty Valves Save You Money

This might seem counter-intuitive at first. After all, aren’t generic valves so popular because they are so inexpensive? Many companies operate under this idea, and ultimately end up spending more money than they need to. Every time you have to repair or replace a generic valve, the costs add up.

When equipment breaks down or shuts down, or runs inefficiently, your company is losing potential profits. This can all be traced back to generic valves that simply do not fit your needs. When you look at the overall costs of using cheap valves, they may not be that cheap after all.

Specialty valves cost more upfront. Your company can expect a higher startup cost using these valves. After that, the cost savings are nearly immediate, as your equipment runs efficiently and dependably, valves included. It is the total cost of ownership that is a huge benefit of specialty valves.

Everlasting Valves

At Everlasting Valve Company, each and every one of our valves is a specialty valve. While we certainly create products that suit common needs, like process valves, diverter valves, bulk material valves, and boiler blowdown valves, none of what we provide to our clients are what you would find anywhere else. There is no other valve like an Everlasting product. Here’s why.

We introduced the first self-lapping, rotating-disc valve back in 1906 and we’ve only been improving since. We have set the gold standard for severe service valves, creating a product unlike any other, while ensuring that our valves can be used in similar applications to common products like ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, and pinch valves.

Our valves, in whatever application they are used, wear in instead of out. That’s something unheard of in your average valve! It’s all thanks to that self-lapping, rotating action, which renews and polishes seating surfaces while wearing evenly to avoid the erosion and damage to which most valves eventually fall prey.

We want our valves to work for you, not the other way around. That’s why our team works in close consultation with our clients and with industry experts, to create a standard set of specialty valves that suit most needs. We are also proud to offer customized products to those who need them, all based on that self-lapping, rotating-disc technology that has proven itself time and time again in even the harshest conditions.

An Investment That Pays Off Itself

While we’ve worked hard to create valves that fit in with most plant environments and operations, they are, at heart, specialty valves. That means that our products may not always fit into your system without requiring any changes. If you’re trying to save money or make the most of your budget, you may be wondering why you should bother investing in a more expensive valve that could require extra effort on your part.

Even with the larger investment at the start, our valves will save you money over time — and that’s including any expenditures related to ensuring your system works with our specialty valves. It will cost more up-front, which we are comfortable sharing because client after client has found that the return on investment is quite positive. Without having to pay for valve replacements and repairs, and the downtime — unexpected and planned — that faulty valves create, your company will come out ahead. Our valves have been known to last for decades, which means you are looking at a long life of service for each of our specialty valves.

When we create a custom valve for a customer, we take a hands-on approach to disrupt your system as little as possible. We will come on site, evaluating your unique environment, your needs, and your challenges. With a flexible design and a highly talented, skilled engineering team, you can rest assured that Everlasting Valve Company’s specialty valves can be customized to your liking, leaving you with an investment that will withstand anything you can put it through.

Don’t let your company down with another broken valve, lost day of work, and irretrievable morale and productivity losses. Our specialty valves have what it takes so you can stop wasting time, stop worrying about what will break next, stop spending money on a regular basis, and get to work knowing that your equipment is tough, strong, and ready to do what you need it to do.

Let’s chat about your specialty valve needs. To let us know what you are looking for in a specialty valve, give us a call at 908.769.0700 or use our easy request for quote form online.

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