How To Prevent Unplanned Outages

Published April 24, 2019

unplanned outages

Unplanned Outages

Downtime — it costs tons of money and reduces productivity, whether it is planned or unplanned. That being said, planned downtime for scheduled maintenance is quick and controlled, whereas unplanned outages will really kill your profits, grinding production to a halt, racking up repair costs, necessitating wage payments without any work being done, wasting materials and manpower, frustrating your own clients, and requiring a lot of work and expenses to start back up.

Knowing the common causes of unplanned outages, you can prepare for the right fixes, which will either speed up your start-up or reduce the amount of downtime in general.

Common Causes of Outages – And Their Fixes

Number one on the list is equipment failures, or breakdowns. When there are so many parts involved with a manufacturing or other industrial process, one part that fails is enough to bring everything to an abrupt stop. Many people involved in repairs know that valves are a common issue leading to breakdowns. Some may choose to replace these valves more frequently as a solution, but while it does reduce the risk of outage, that tactic costs a lot of money in the long run.

Cleaning and maintenance are also problematic at times, when a machine part needs to be cleaned or maintained as soon as possible and cannot wait for a scheduled outage. When these actions aren’t performed well (as they may be in the rush of an unplanned outage) the problem compounds.

Unplanned outages may also occur due to staffing issues. If you do not have an operator, you cannot run your operations, which means downtime is imminent. This kind of outage can often be prevented with careful staffing choices, and a contingency plan for if and when someone is sick or otherwise unable to come to work. Changeovers between staff, and personal breaks that are not arranged wisely can also cause short outages, if things are not moving quickly and seamlessly. Operator errors, too, can jam the system. Again, this is a staffing issue that needs to be addressed with careful planning, training, and processes in place.

External factors create issues with outages, that largely cannot be controlled. Power outages, water shortages, natural disasters, etc., will most certainly create problems for plants, and while you may be able to put some contingencies in place such as a power backup, this is the kind of outage that is hard to plan for.

How Everlasting Valves Can Help

We cannot train your staff for you, nor can we assure that you will never face a power supply shortage, but we can help with a lot of the common causes of unplanned outages, well in advance so that your business is taking a proactive approach.

Given that equipment failures and breakdowns are a leading cause of outages, it simply makes sense to invest in parts that are designed to last. Sure, you can keep spending money on replacement valves, but that adds to your overall costs and does not help with outages, as you have to shut down parts of your facility to install the replacements.

With Everlasting Valves, you can get ahead of the equipment failures and rest assured that you will not be dealing with the ongoing expenses and frustrations of replacement valves. That is because our unique valves are truly designed for durability over the long term, as the toughest, longest lasting, best performing valve available.

The unique self-lapping, rotating disk action of Everlasting Valves ensures that, as your machines rely on these valves, the valves actually improve over time, polishing themselves and getting a tighter and stronger seal as time goes on. Our valves don’t wear out, they wear in. That solves the number one issue with unplanned outages, which may in fact give you more time and energy to hone in on other causes of outages.

The self-cleaning nature of Everlasting Valves also solves the problem of downtime owing to maintenance and cleaning. Yes, you still have to properly clean and maintain the rest of your equipment, but you can cross valves off your list, which makes the outage shorter.

You can rely on Everlasting Valves to supply your business with all of the valves you need, whether it is one of our stock options, or a custom-built valve for your business alone. We build all of our valves from design through to manufacturing, so you can count on us to provide your company with what you need, even if other manufacturers say it cannot be done.

We’re here to help you cut down on outages — both planned and unplanned — with the years of experience and carefully developed skills and industry knowledge that keep our clients happy. Connect with us today to learn more about how Everlasting Valves can help your business thrive.

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