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Published August 26, 2019

oil and gas valve manufacturers

Oil and Gas Valve Manufacturers

We are at the brink of a new industrial age, but oil and gas are and will probably remain the defining fuel of our immediate future. Petrol and its derivatives are set to continue to dominate the market with plastics and other petrol-based products remaining at the forefront of our industrialized society.

At Everlasting Valves, we are old hands at working with oil. We understand the extreme pressures and exacting standards that oil-operating gear must tolerate. And you’ll be pleased to know that we have adapted our valves to suit them.

Over a century old and already a market leader as oil and gas valve manufacturers, our company cut its teeth on the toughest oil terrain there is: Alaska. In 1995, our valves were used in the first-ever Hydrocyclone on Alaska’s North Slope. The task at hand was the removal of seawater, sand and contaminants from crude oil in low-pressure wells. Our valves continue to be incorporated into the basic design of all hydrocyclones.

Our understanding of the extreme conditions that our oil and gas valves face has made us a master in our field. We not only engineer for what is there, but we imagine every possible contingency, from extreme weather conditions to extreme pressures and corrosive materials. Even the most corrosive materials will remain sealed regardless of high pressures. We make our valves to outperform all competitors and to perform above the industry’s standards.

Our patented and tested self-lapping, rotating disc valves are machine-lapped several times while in production. This process creates a valve with a seal that outperforms the industry standard. Even better, the internal mechanism of our valves polishes the interior of the valves while in use. This removes any corrosion and scratches that may weaken its sealing properties over time, creating an even better seal each and every time they’re used.

A cautious and conservative approach to engineering leads our designers to test and try each of our products while in production and also in the field. We don’t accept that our valves may fail on the job, so we put them through their paces and test them under grueling conditions.

The result is a robust, no-nonsense valve. Our heavy duty valves are all but indestructible and incredibly durable.

Putting aside our valves stellar performance in extreme weather conditions, you will find that there are many additional reasons to opt for Everlasting valves. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are imperative for any oil or gas operation in which total control of flow is not desirable but a must.

We understand that valves need to work perfectly, at all times and for a very long time for a company to thrive. A leaky valve is not only dangerous for employees but also a ticking time bomb that may create an ecological disaster, as well as damage material and the company’s reputation.

This is something no company can easily step away from. This is why operating with the strongest most reliable valves on the market is not a matter of choice but one of necessity.

We won’t be boasting about how pretty our valves are. Our focus remains on your business needs, so we make our valves as functional, tough and resilient as possible. We make our valves to the highest standards and then some. We expect them to work perfectly and factor many elements that could affect their performance into their design.

An Everlasting valve is an extremely reliable valve that will stand the test of time and remain functional for much longer than its competitors. Our valves are made to function with any type of liquid and slurry, remaining tight. They are effective when it comes to controlling the flow at all times, reliably, day after day, year after year. This quality is, of course, very important when dealing with remote, hard-to-reach areas. And this is becoming an increasing necessity with gas and oil fields being exploited in more inaccessible and remote areas. Less maintenance, coupled with better performance and reliability, makes for less maintenance and better operational security.

Everlasting valves are the essential tools that will help keep your operation safe and cost-effective. A functioning valve can make the difference between industry success and a catastrophic accident.

As long time oil and gas valve manufacturers we offer a tested valve that has been in continuous use for several decades in some of the worst terrain and most exacting industrial conditions imaginable. What other competitors may claim to be able to do, we have done and have continued to do since the last century.

For more information about how Everlasting Valves can help make your business safer, faster, and more cost-efficient, get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team today.

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