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solenoid valve manufacturer

Solenoid valves are widely used across various industries and applications. Finding a good solenoid valve manufacturer, then, is often the difference between a process that works, and one that fails. Cheap valves are inexpensive because they are low quality, ready to break or fall into disrepair at any time, which means your entire system goes offline while the problem is fixed.

A good solenoid valve manufacturer won’t create or sell you junk valves, but rather, cares about your company’s work and supports it through providing high-quality equipment.

Here’s why you need a good solenoid valve manufacturer, and how to find them.

What is a Solenoid Valve?

A solenoid valve is used to shut off, release, or otherwise control fluids. They offer the ability to control fluid automatically, vital to the operations of many plants and equipment types. A solenoid valve is either electrically energized or de-energized to control fluid flow, based on an electromagnet that opens or closes the valve.

There are various types of solenoid valves, whether direct-acting, internally piloted, or externally piloted. They also come in different designs based on the number of port connections or fluid flow paths available.

Solenoid valves are widely used because they’re so versatile. They work efficiently as a control valve, while reducing the reliance on manual operations. That being said, they can be finicky — solenoid valves don’t handle dirt, debris, or moisture very well, as that impedes the electromagnetic solenoid coil, which is what automates the valve. Valves, of course, need to open and close to do their jobs, and whether it’s a dirty valve, coil burn out, a partially closed valve, or another issue common to cheap valves, it can grind your plant to an expensive halt.

The Value of a Solenoid Valve

There are many solenoid valve applications and uses, often in pneumatic and hydraulic systems. An electromagnet opens or closes a valve, stopping or allowing the flow of fluid to parts of a machine.

While some solenoid valves only control the flow through a single path, other types of valves have connections to two, three, or even more directions. Solenoid valves are controlled directly or piloted internally or externally.

High-quality solenoid valves are a growing industry standard because they are so versatile. Solenoid valves reduce the need for manual fluid controls and are simple to operate. Though they are easy to use, they can also be damaged or worn out, especially if they come in contact with foreign material like dirt, debris, or outside moisture. A weak or non-functioning valve can mean you have too much fluid, or not enough when you need it.

The Signs of a High-Quality Solenoid Valve

High-quality solenoid valves need to withstand high temperatures and pressure from the fluids rushing over them. They have to be able to stand up to regular wear and tear without decaying or breaking apart. Poorly made solenoid valves can save you money at first, but when they burn out, refuse to close tightly, or get dirty, you’ll be looking for someone that can make them better.

That’s what you’re looking for from a solenoid valve manufacturer. A simple online search will show you many valve makers. You’re looking for one that emphasizes quality and manufacturing processes that work to avoid the decay and damage that affects low-grade valves.

Solenoid valves with an open body design are made to flow freely. They won’t get clogged with contaminants that can harm the valve and the lines connected to it. The open body design carries those contaminants away. They can’t build up around the valve, making it weaker and less secure.

Custom Design From Your Solenoid Valve Manufacturer

Solenoid valves have a wide variety of uses, and can even be an accessory added to other types of valves, like bulk material valves and process valves. But sometimes even that isn’t enough to make sure your factory can keep operating smoothly.

You might need a custom design option, like valves built especially for your unique machine or that can endure the rate of fluids moving through your system. Contact a manufacturer’s engineering team to help design an innovative solution for you.

Choosing the Right Solenoid Valve Manufacturer

Going the cheap route might seem compelling in the beginning, when you feel like you’ve gotten away with a steal of a deal, but that all falls apart when your valves do. Many of the disadvantages of solenoid valves can be overcome by finding the right solenoid valve manufacturer.

Like any other valve, a solenoid valve should be robust enough to withstand high temperatures, high pressure, challenging environments, and wear and tear over time. Anything less than that, and your company will be spending a lot of money repairing and replacing valves on a regular basis.

At Everlasting Valve Company, you can count on our valves to work hard for you, no matter the challenges of your environment. That’s because our valves start with you and your plant in mind. We work to understand the specific environment and goals of your company, and to deliver the valves that do the job, and do it right.

Why are our valves better than the rest? It’s simple. Each Everlasting valve wears in instead of out. The rotating disc polished and renews its seating as it’s used, so the seal gets tighter and better over time, instead of gradually falling into disrepair like other valves.

Our valves are self-cleaning, with an open body design. When you consider that many of the problems with solenoid valves stem from contamination, you can see why Everlasting Valve Company products are a better choice. Our valves move particulate and debris out of the system every time they are used, instead of allowing that damaging material to build up and clog the valve.

Using Everlasting Valve Company as Your Solenoid Valve Manufacturer

We pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently and effectively meet our clients’ needs for valves of all types, solenoid valves included. Both our bulk material valves and process valves come with the option of a solenoid accessory to automate your processes with the best valves around.

If you don’t see a product of ours that meets your needs, do not worry. Our engineering team is dedicated to finding innovative solutions for each and every one of our clients. Yes, it costs more to invest in an Everlasting Valve Company product, but we are called Everlasting for a reason — the cost of the valve will absolutely pay itself back over time as your equipment continues to not only function but also improve, versus having to shell out time and time again to replace and repair those cheap valves.

Everlasting Valve Company is your top solenoid valve manufacturer. To learn more about what we can do for your business, to request a consultation for a custom product, or for whatever else you need, get in touch with us today. You can call us at 908-769-0700, email [email protected], or use our convenient request for quote form online.

We are looking forward to transforming your company as your solenoid valve manufacturer of choice!

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