Boiler Blowdown Valves

For over 100 years, the Everlasting Boiler Blowdown Valve has been the trusted industry standard.

Everlasting Boiler Blowdown Valves incorporate our patented, Rotating Disc Valve technology for consistently superior, long-lasting performance.


These manual on-off valves effectively blow down sludge formed in steam boilers. They are available in quick opening and slow opening straight and angle configurations, for applications that include steam boiler blow down, surface blow down, water column drain, and shut-off and stop valves. Our Boiler Blowdown Valves are based on ASME boiler and pressure vessel section 1 codes and ANSI B16.31 power piping codes. If you've been repairing or replacing valves more than once year, it's time to switch to Everlasting Valve for a solution that can significantly lower your maintenance costs and downtime.

Boiler Blowdown Valve Specifications

Quick Opening and Slow Opening

Seats and Discs Rating 250 integral, 300 and 600 Hard Stainless Steel
Body Material Rating 250 Cast Iron, 300 and 600 Carbon Steel
Connections Screwed or Flanged
Operators Lever, Handwheel
Configurations Straight Through Flow Two-Way, Angle, or Wye Patterns
Unitandem Body Quick and Slow Opening—2 Slow or 2 Quick Valves in One


  • 1” through 2 ½”


  • ASME/ANSI Class 250, 300 and 600


  • Cast Iron or Carbon Steel

End Connections

  • Screw Ends or Flanged


  • Lever or Hand Wheel

Watch this video as Ware Inc. discusses using Everlasting valves for boiler blowdown.

Learn more about the unique features of Everlasting Valve's self-lapping Rotating Disc Valve.

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