Bulk Material Valves

Our Bulk Material Valve consistently delivers a superior performance and a longer life, even after years of service in dry, abrasive applications.

The Everlasting Valve BMV series implements the same proven, patented rotating disc and seat design that Everlasting Valve is known for.

If you're currently facing repair or replacement more than once a year, our BMV can significantly lower your maintenance costs and downtime. It is ideally suited to withstand tough applications, including: dry solids dense and dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems for transporter fill valve, discharge, vent and filling applications, transfer lines, under baghouses, silos, cyclones, ESPs and dust collectors. 

Installing two BMVs in a wye fitting (Y fitting) produces an effective Diverter that can be used to divert as well as mix or completely stop any media flow. Everlasting BMVs and Diverters are excellent in fly ash, Portland cement, kiln dust, alumina hydrate, alumina silica, calcined kaolin, sugar, titanium dioxide, ilmenite and rutile ores, pet coke, coal, catalyst and many other abrasives. 

Bulk Material Valve Specifications

U.S. Patent 5,396,919

Seats and Discs Cast 440 C Stainless Steel, Hardened
Temperature Range 450°F, Carbon Steel 550°F, Special Design 750°F
Body Material Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Connections Flanged, 125# Drilled Flat Face
Operators Air cylinder, Linear
Accessories Limit Switches, Solenoid, Fail Safe (air reservoir type)


  • 2” (50mm) through 14” (350mm), including 5” (125mm)
  • Cast iron sizes 2” through 8” available from stock


  • Vacuum to 100 psig (7 bar)


  • To +750°F (+400°C)

Features and Trim

  • Two-way on/off
  • 440 Stainless Steel
  • Pneumatic cylinder actuator


  • Cast Iron to +450°F (+232°C)
  • Carbon Steel to +550°F (+288°C) – Special design to +750°F (+400°C)

End Connections

  • Flanged, ASME and DIN
  • Flangeless

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