Power Generation

If your power plant is repairing or replacing installed valves more than once a year, Everlasting Valve has your solution.

Designed to resist erosion in pneumatic conveying or vessel discharge systems, Everlasting Valves cut your maintenance costs and reduce downtime by standing up to the toughest conditions. Working day and night without a break or getting in a jam, our valves provide years of service life in dry abrasive applications. If you're faced with frequent repair or replacement of an installed valve, it's time to switch to Everlasting Valve for a high-performance solution that will look great on your bottom line. 

Learn more about the unique features of Everlasting Valve's self-lapping Rotating Disc Valve.

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Common Applications

Fly Ash

  • Precipitator
  • Baghouse
  • Economizer
  • NuvaFeeder (UCC)
  • Lock Hopper Vent / Equalization
  • Ash Recirculation
  • Diverter Lines
  • Pug Mill / Ash Conditioner

Bottom Ash

  • Slope / Flush Nozzle
  • Jet Pump Isolation
  • Ash Recirculation
  • Seal Trough Level Control
  • Seal Trough Flush