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Published February 25, 2020

commercial water valves

In a commercial environment, quality water valves are important for safety and durability. Skimping on commercial water valves might save money up front. Every time you have to shut down your operations to replace a blowdown valve, however, you pay for the new valve and for the downtime, whether planned or in an emergency when a low-quality valve inevitably fails.

Research shows unplanned downtime can cost a company as much as $260,000 an hour. It also impacts your customers, with 46 percent of companies surveyed saying they couldn’t deliver services. Most companies, unfortunately, take a reactive approach to their equipment, rather than proactively investing in equipment with longevity like commercial water valves that are built to last.

When you are researching commercial water valves or making plans for your next round of equipment upgrades, remember that spending more on long-lasting valves now will ultimately benefit your budget, your uptime, and your client satisfaction in the long term. To find these amazingly durable, hardworking valves, look no further than what we offer at The Everlasting Valve Company.

The Benefits of Everlasting Boiler Blowdown Valves

Our commercial water valves are built with an understanding of how crucial the boiler blowdown process is in industrial operations. Without a consistent, functional boiler blowdown system, your equipment is subject to scale and corrosion as solids and sludge buildup. That buildup also contributes to failed pressure vessels, water hammers that damage equipment, and low water conditions. As much as you need to make boiler blowdown a routine part of maintenance, you need to be able to rely on your commercial water valves to work as expected.

Every valve made by Everlasting Valve Company, including our Boiler Blowdown Valves – which can be used as commercial water valves – stands up to the promise of our name. These valves are specifically built for the harsh conditions of industrial applications. They will withstand even the most challenging pressures, temperatures, and impurities.

Our valve discs are rotating and self-lapping, which means that in use, the rotating disc slides across the valve body removing boiler scale and other impurities, even in the thickest slurry. As the surface is cleared, this action cleans and polishes the valve and actually improves and tightens the seal. The open body design ensures that particulate to move freely instead of accumulating in the valve’s moving parts, and the rotating disc works to displace anything unwanted on or near the valve seat.

Our valves wear in, instead of wearing out. On the other hand, the globe valves often used as commercial water valves actually push dirt and scale into the valve seat, eventually causing failure.

Boiler blowdown piping typically calls for two slow opening valves or one quick opening valve and one slow opening valve in sequence, per bottom blowdown connection. However your boiler blowdown operations function, we have the right valve for you. Our commercial water valves are available in quick and slow opening functions, with straight or angle configurations, to suit steam boiler blowdown, surface blowdown, water column drains, and shut off and stop valves.

We are your one-stop-shop for commercial water valves that are built to last. Download our boiler valve brochure here for all of the details.

Investing in Our Commercial Water Valves

When you invest in our commercial water valves for your boiler blowdown process or other applications, you are ensuring that your company is not in the same situation as those losing revenue and customer loyalty, thanks to downtime. While our valves may cost more than the globe valves you may be used to buying and installing, that’s because they work better, for much longer. You will quickly see a return on your investment with Everlasting valves.

Let us become your partners in problem-solving and ensuring that your commercial water valves are the best they can be. We are committed to making our valves work for you and your unique needs. And we stand behind our products and their long history of product value for many happy customers.

Fill in a request for a quote online to start the process or get in touch with us directly for more information. You can also email us at [email protected] or call 908.769.0700 to reach a team member.

We are always happy to answer questions. We look forward to working with you to find the right solutions and otherwise providing the prompt and courteous service you deserve. Let us and our valves get to work for you today.

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