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Published February 11, 2020

fcc valves

Petroleum refining puts every piece of equipment through its paces, subject to high temperatures, strong pressures, abrasion, and constant use. For inferior metal seated valves, this inevitably means leaks, jams, breakage, and the need for frequent replacement or repair. It’s a lot of work just getting valves to do what they are supposed to do. But, when you use durable fluid-catalytic-cracker (FCC) valves, you will see a dramatic improvement in durability and longevity.

Why, exactly, are FCC valves so important? The FCC process is vital in petroleum refining, Without it, petroleum crude oil cannot become gasoline and other more valuable products. But this process is challenging for equipment as feedstock is heated to high temperatures and put under moderate pressure, then brought into contact with catalyst. It’s also a process that is heavily used, which means FCC valves have to keep working, night and day, without failure.

In 2017 there were 500 FCC units being operated in the world. The overall market for refinery catalysis is expected to grow at 3.8 percent on average until 2023.

What’s more, unscheduled downtime for petroleum refineries has wide-ranging impacts. According to experts, minimizing unscheduled downtime from situations like mechanical breakdowns is important to maintaining an optimal utilization rate, ensuring profitability against the high fixed cost of operating a refinery. There’s no better way to keep utilization rates up than to invest in FCC valves that will last a long time, even with minimal maintenance.

Why Choose Everlasting FCC Valves

Everlasting Valve Company has long been a preferred supplier for the petroleum industry. We understand the conditions of industrial-plant operations, especially the extreme conditions found in refining. We have built our valves to withstand the conditions other refinery valves simply cannot match.

Here’s what our FCC valves have done for major oil refineries.

To start with, by installing our valves, refineries no longer have to worry about weak metal-seated ball valves and other refinery valves breaking down or causing mechanical breakdown of other equipment. Our FCC valves have ensured that major refineries are experiencing fewer leaks and far less time working to find and fix valve-related problems.

Our valves also promote increased production. At the same time as our FCC valves enable refineries to get that optimal utilization rate, their durability and longevity reduce maintenance requirements so operations are even more efficient.

How Our FCC Valves Work

Like the rest of our valves built for tough applications, our FCC valves are based on our rotating disc, self-lapping design. Each time the valve’s disc rotates, it polishes, cleans, and renews the seating surfaces, wearing in over time instead of wearing out, even in the harsh conditions of a petroleum refinery. In fact, putting our valves through their paces makes them more efficient, clearing away process material, spreading wear evenly, and combating erosion. The more you use our FCC valves, the tighter the seal becomes, without any maintenance on your end.

We know that valves used in petroleum refining need to withstand some of the harshest conditions around, which is why we are pleased to work with each and every client needing FCC valves to ensure that our products are the perfect fit. While we have many durable, long-lasting valves in stock, we are happy to help if you need a custom valve or want us to work closely with your company to choose the right products. Our engineering team is highly skilled and knowledgeable. We can construct FCC valves from scratch after visiting your site to get an in-person look at your operation environment, your challenges, and your requirements.

Making the Switch to Everlasting Valves

If you are still using inferior FCC valves, you know the frustration of repairs, replacements, downtime, and lost productivity. One look at the time, money, and other resources you are losing – all of which impact your bottom line – should show you how important it is to find a better solution.

Our FCC valves may be pricey compared to what you might find elsewhere, but they are worth it. Every penny you spend on an Everlasting valve will come back to you in long-lasting operation and heavily reduced maintenance needs. Imagine what your utilization rate could be without FCC unit shutdowns! When you invest in our valves, you will see an instant improvement in petroleum refining operations. In the long-term, you will enjoy product value that cannot be matched by anything else on the market. That’s why many major petroleum refineries choose Everlasting Valves and our unique, durable products.

To learn more about what we can do for you, get in touch today. Call us at 908.769.0700, or request a quote.

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