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Published January 28, 2021

intermittent blowdown

Of all our valves at Everlasting Valve Co., the boiler blowdown valve was our very first. Originally manufactured in 1906, the boiler blowdown valve was for steam-boiler operations. Over time, it has come to be used in some of the harshest industrial applications. Instead of globe valves, why not make the change to our intermittent blowdown valves? They provide the transformation you’ve been looking for.

How a Boiler Blowdown Valve Works

In any steam-boiler operation, particulates remain behind any time the boiler releases steam. These impurities and dissolved solids will build up, eventually causing problems. Solids easily accumulate in the make-up water, and this leads to corrosion and scale. When the water is drained out – ‘blow down’ – it keeps the steam-boiler process consistent.

With every boiler blowdown valve, there needs to be consistency in the valve sequence. If not, your boiler will fill with particulates, from sludge to hard calcium scale. This buildup makes your boiler not just ineffective but inefficient. Buildup of any kind makes it harder for the boiler to transfer heat.

A Boiler Blowdown Sequence

There are a few ways to perform a boiler blowdown. Valves such as a skimmer drain valve or a bottom drain valve can be drained of water. Particulates such as dissolved solids will accumulate about six to eight inches below the water surface. This is where the skimmer drain valve will prove invaluable, as it removes the solids but doesn’t reduce as much of the boiler water.

Keep in mind that sludge will sink to the bottom. This is where its buildup will be the heaviest. And this is why a bottom valve blowdown is still necessary to reduce buildup.

Our intermittent blowdown valve drains have a quick-opening valve and a slow-opening valve. You will have the discharge from the valve pumped to a safe area. The boiler blowdown valve sequence necessitates that both valves be closed, then opening the quick-opening valve, followed by opening and closing the slow-opening valve.

The best advice here is to open the blowdown valve closest to the boiler first, and close it last, with the actual ‘blow down’ happening from the valve furthest from the boiler. By repeating this process more than once, sludge will move toward the drain line.

There is an additional way to use a boiler blowdown sequence by opening the quick-opening valve, or the one that controls the release of water, until the water in the boiler is reduced to half. At this point, you will close all the open valves and the water will blow down.

When and what method you choose for your boiler blowdown depends on many factors, including the quality of the make-up water. Complete a bottom blowdown once a day. Automate a surface blowdown.

Everlasting Intermittent Blowdown Valves

For a successful boiler blowdown sequence, you will want to put our Everlasting Valves to work. Our intermittent blowdown valves have always incorporated our rotating-disc technology. This, in turn, reduces issues with unplanned outages, and keeps your company from continuously replacing valves. These types of problems inevitably drive the costs of doing business way up.

You won’t find a tougher, more durable intermittent blowdown valve on the market today. They stand up to everything you throw at them and only get better over time. If you want to keep your boilers running smoothly and consistently, our intermittent blowdown valves are the ones you need, not cheaper knock-offs.

Everlasting Valve Co. offers manual on-off valves designed to effectively blowdown sludge. They come in quick-opening and slow-opening straight and angle configurations. Applications such as steam boiler blowdown, surface blowdown, water column drain, and shut-off and stop valves are what our intermittent blowdown valves are made for.

Everlasting valves last. We are here to walk you through every facet of our intermittent blowdown valves. We can also guide you through what our other valves could mean to your company. We offer only tough, reliable, durable products used in the dirtiest, harshest, most severe-service environments. For a complete rundown on what our continuous blowdown valves can do for you, have a look at our Boiler Valve Selector Guide.

Give us a call today at 908.769.0700, email us at [email protected] or contact us online. Invest with the best. You will soon understand why Everlasting Valve Company products last, for you and your company.

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