Produced Water Treatment Valves


produced water treatment valves

Every time a barrel of oil is produced, there are several more barrels of produced water to go along with it. This water comes out of oil wells, brought up along with oil during production. It’s full of oil and metals, and often includes natural radioactive material, bacteria and similar organisms, and dispersed solid particles. The water treatment valves that handle produced water need to stand up to the challenges of this type of material.

Troubles With Water Treatment Valves

Most water treatment valves, when faced with produced water, become hopelessly plugged and clogged with that solid particulate and mineral buildup. Corrosion is another common problem, making it difficult, if not impossible, to treat produced water suitably using standard valves. The costs add up quickly as equipment and valves fail.

If water treatment valves used for separation are not robust, valve leakage is a common side effect due to the type of material flowing through. Companies may also experience cross-contamination or reversed flow thanks to valve failure. All of these issues can quickly shut down operations. Valves also represent an important barrier between the environment, operators, and potentially harmful fluid, meaning leakage is all the more unacceptable.

Many businesses feel forced to give up on water treatment and move toward disposal, typically injecting water underground, into producing formations, or into rock. Offshore produced water is often dumped into the ocean.

If there is a way to better handle produced water, with water treatment valves designed for severe service, oil companies may find it easier and more economical to treat and re-purpose this byproduct.

In many situations, oil and gas companies find it most suitable to manage produced water by disposing of it. In these scenarios, valves are still vitally important in ensuring produced water can be injected for disposal safely and properly. Sub-par valves cannot manage the pressure and corrosion of wastewater disposal, causing even more problems.

The solution is simple — Everlasting Valve water treatment valves, designed for produced water.

Everlasting Water Treatment Valves

Our water treatment valves for produced water are of the utmost quality and durability. All of the problems with typical water treatment valves, referenced above, are not an issue when you install Everlasting Valve products in your equipment. Simply put, our valves are designed for exactly this kind of rough, challenging situation, and they rise to the occasion by improving with use instead of wearing out.

The costs of water treatment issues are high. Companies that want to treat and re-purpose produced water cannot do it with inferior valves, ultimately leading to a failed experiment that took up a lot of time and money. For those aiming for safe disposal of produced water, valve failure can be catastrophic, introducing contaminants into the environment and breaking many regulations.

Our valves will not cause any of these problems. They are designed to work in the highest and lowest temperatures, through the greatest ranges of pressure, and with the most corrosive, abrasive, challenging materials. Whether used for treatment or disposal, our valves handle produced water with ease.

Our valves are different than the rest, thanks to our unique self-lapping, rotating disc design. Instead of being clogged by particulate or broken down by corrosive materials, the open body design ensures materials can flow through the valve. At the same time, the rotating disc moves potentially damaging materials away from the valve, so nothing sticks to it or wears it down.

As the disc rotates, the seating surface of the valve is continually cleaned and polished, ensuring even wear. This means that our valves actually get better over time, unlike most water treatment valves that wear out and give up the more they are used, especially in oil and gas applications.

Quality For Over A Century

Our valves are the industry gold standard because we have been perfecting them for so long. Everlasting Valve began in 1906 with an innovative product designed for severe, industrial service and we have not slowed down at all, creating more and better valves for every condition.

How have we lasted for this long? We are not here to simply sell you a product and tell you to make it work for your needs. Instead, we view ourselves as partners in problem-solving for the issues you are facing, from leaky valves to ballooning budgets to losing work to competitors who have figured out how to do things more efficiently. We take a hands-on approach to create the perfect solution for your business, all done in-house with American labor at an American plant.

Contact us today to learn more about our industrial water treatment valves for produced water. You can also call us at 908-769-0700 or email [email protected].

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