Our Versatile Duplex Valves | ASME/ANSI Class 250, 300 & 600

Published November 17, 2021

duplex valves

Duplex valves are exactly what you need for on and off control without pressure drop. Fast shut-off and slow opening are equally manageable with the right kind of valve.

Sizing and Material Specs for Our Duplex Valves

Everlasting Valve Company’s duplex valves are available as Class 250, 300, and 600. All are suitable for use with index letter B and F, and all of which meet ASME and ANSI codes.

The Class 250 duplex valve come in a cast iron body material, with both screw and flange end types. Screw end type duplex valves in this class are available in sizes of one inch to two and a half inches, while flange types range from one and a half to two and a half inches.

The Class 300 duplex valves are steel body material, with screw types again ranging from one inch to two and a half inches. The flange types range from one inch to two and a half inches depending on the pressure limits you require.

Finally, the Class 600 duplex valves are also steel, with screw and flange ends. Depending on the pressure limit you require, these valves range from one inch to two and a half inches.

Key Features and Benefits of Duplex Valves

Premium Materials

Depending on the type of valves you need, they will be constructed from either stainless steel or cast iron. Both offer exceptional strength and durability, ensuring the valve will give years of maintenance-free performance, even in challenging conditions. No matter what class, size, material, or pressure rating of the valve you choose, when you invest in Everlasting Valve products you are getting high-quality, american made valves. They are designed to withstand anything they may encounter, even in the harshest service environments.

Rotating Disc Valves

Particularly if your operation involves particulate material, valves have historically been prone to clogging and build-up. Rotating disc valves with a self-lapping feature virtually eliminate this risk, greatly enhancing the longevity of the valve and reducing the need for maintenance that could disrupt your operation. The seal tightens more through use and a continuous cleaning feature ensures that your valve will not get hung up on boiler scale or other debris.

Straight-through Flow

Installation is easy when you use duplex valves, which can be installed without regard to the position of the handwheel. This ensures a straight-through flow with no need for further adjustment due to temperature changes. The lever-operated section of the valve acts as the sealing valve, with the handwheel operated part as the blowing valve. With line pressure and a heavy spring, the valve’s disc is held firmly against the body seat. Any post packing is self-adjusted thanks to the same spring and line pressure, so you do not need to worry about hand adjustment, erosion, or stuffing box leaking. If you need to remove the blowdown valve for repair, the sealing valve remains in place and in service.

A Leakproof Seal That Tightens Over Time

Our valves are some of the few on the market that start off providing a leakproof solution and continue to do so as time passes. The seal is not impacted by any temperature change. In fact, the seal in the valve tightens slightly over time, mitigating against any possibility of a leak.

Continuous Cleaning Feature

It doesn’t get much better than a valve that cleans itself as necessary, but that’s exactly what our duplex valves have been designed to do. The self-cleaning feature is operational whenever the valve is in use, removing detritus such as boiler scale almost before it has the opportunity to develop. This removes the need for maintenance, allowing the valve to work 24/7/365.

Investing in High-Quality Industrial Valves

Duplex valves are not something you want to be continually replacing or repairing. Every time you have to stop everything to deal with a faulty valve, you are losing time, money, and productivity. It all grinds to a halt as valves are replaced or repaired. The truth is that a slowdown or shutdown like this is unnecessary.

Using our unique, quality rotating disc valves, your plant environment can handle all kinds of functions and environments, including boiler blowdown, scale, and chemicals, without slowing or stopping. No matter how abrasive, corrosive, or high pressure a situation may be, these duplex valves and their self-lapping features stay leakproof and strong, improving through use even in severe service. There is nothing quite like Everlasting Valve’s duplex valves on the market, which is why we are a top choice for companies wanting reliable quality. After all, we’ve been perfecting our valves for over a century.

If you have to replace or repair your valves even once a year, you are looking at a lot of wasted resources added up over time. Invest in our products and they will pay for themselves with improved uptime, productivity, and consistency in all that you do.

Why opt for our Duplex Valves?

Our valves benefit from:

  • US production. All our valves are made here in the US, which means you end up with a high-grade, dependable product.
  • A design that’s been refined and adjusted to create a valve that delivers optimal performance, no matter what type of conditions it’s placed in.
  • Excellent performance that just keeps going. If correctly installed, these valves will last for many years without additional maintenance. The need for cleaning has been designed out and the seal grows in integrity as time passes, rather than losing performance.
  • Versatility – these duplex valves can be used in a wide range of settings, and are suitable for particulates, liquids, and gasses.
  • A high degree of customization, which means your valves can be tailored to meet your specifications.

The more you use your duplex valves, the better they get. A rare thing in the world of industrial valves! Get in touch with the team at Everlasting Value USA to find out more about the financial and performance benefits that our duplex valves can bring to your enterprise.

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