Upgrade Your Dust Collector Valve With Everlasting Valves

Published November 25, 2019

dust collector valve

Dust collector systems are vital to ensuring your site has clean, clear air to breathe and to keep other sensitive equipment free of dust and debris. To deal with that dirty air, a good dust collector valve plays a key role in the system. It works to remove the dust and particulate that impacts both health and equipment integrity.

When you look at how a dust collector system functions, you can quickly see the important job of a dust collector valve. Typically, air is pulled or pushed through a duct system, with dust collecting on a bag or similar structure. When there is enough dust, pulses of compressed air through a valve knock the dust from the collector for disposal.

Why a Good Dust Collector Valve Matters

Like any type of industrial valve, a dust collector valve is only beneficial to your business if it is made well, and working to meet your needs. It can be tempting to choose an inexpensive valve, thinking that’s a money-saving measure. After all, valves are small and easily replaced, right?

If your dust collection system fails because of a cheap valve that could perform correctly, however, you are looking at a cascade of problems.

Without a strong dust collection system working to its full extent, personnel can be exposed to irritating and potentially dangerous debris in the air. This also creates a fire hazard as dust collects near or on equipment. Accumulated dust and debris interferes with the proper function of that equipment, too, reducing productivity and potentially introducing contamination to the products you are manufacturing.

Your company may be subject to regulatory compliance around air quality and safety. If you do, you are obligated to comply with these rules. A dust collector system makes compliance easier.

With that in mind, it’s important to invest in a quality dust collector system and quality dust collector valves that stand up to harsh environments and regular use. With poorly made valves in place, your company will have to keep buying them, over and over again, losing time and money as your plant suffers from the impact of an inefficient or broken dust collector system.

What To Look For

A good dust collector valve installs easily, performs well, functions reliably, and is easy to maintain. It should work well to prevent air loss, resist corrosion, and protect against dust leaks.

Finding the right dust collector valve is important, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. You will find all of those quality features, and more, in our Everlasting Valves’ bulk material valves, perfect for use in a dust collection system.

These valves are self-lapping and built on rotating disc valve technology. That, combined with an open body configuration, means that as the valve is used the disc face and path is cleared of particulate and debris. This shearing action forms a seal that actually gets tighter over time, instead of wearing down as many other valves do. As a high-cycling dust collector valve, an Everlasting bulk material valve improves with every rotation. This checks high performance and reliable function off the list!

As for installation and ease of use, you will find that our bulk material valves do the trick. The pneumatic actuator and the valve are separated for flexibility in operation. Factory machined lapping ensures precision.

Our bulk material valves are highly customizable, available in sizes 2” through 14”, handling pressure vacuum up to 100 psig, and meeting temperatures up to 750°F depending on design. These dust collector valves are constructed in cast iron or carbon steel, with flanged or flangeless connections. Various accessory configurations are available too, including solenoids, limit switches, and fail-safes. You can download our bulk material valve brochure for even more information.

Upgrading Your Dust Collector Valve

Moving from a standard valve to an Everlasting bulk material valve used as a dust collector valve is a major upgrade. It does represent more of an investment than an inexpensive valve, of course, but that investment will quickly pay off as you experience clear air, reliable equipment. And you can achieve easy regulatory compliance without having to shut operations down to deal with valve problems and equipment issues.

Buying or replacing dust collector valves more than once a year is a good sign that something needs to change. Let us help you make the most of your dust collector system with our products! Request a quote with our convenient online form, reach out to our team via email at [email protected], or telephone at 908-769-0700.

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